Originally from Morocco and raised through her young adult life in Paris, Canadian-based designer Cendrine Obadia brings French flair to the forefront of the North American eyewear design world with her newest collection, ZIGGY by Cendrine O., offered by ZIG Eyewear. With over 20 years of experience in the business and a passion for individualism, the line is defined by unique details and unexpected elements that aim to provide uncommon eyewear to the everyday eyeglass wearer.

The ZIGGY® by Cendrine O. collection presents over 90 styles in three different colorways, which embody the passion of their creator by following the concept “eyewear as eye candy.” Characteristics such as ornate details, laser cutting, layered metals, and hand-applied epoxy finishes make these frames stand out. ZIGGY separates itself from the marketplace with whimsical optical offerings that provide a peek into the creative mind of Cendrine O. With optical treats that are completely unique and stress quality manufacturing, this collection sets itself apart.

Comprised mostly of feminine styles, ZIGGY is the second of Cendrine O.’s optical ventures. Complementing her Jean Reno collection, which takes on a more serious tone and a more masculine influence, the ZIGGY collection is not only whimsical, it’s award-winning.

Style No. 1181 was given the “Heart of the Show” award at Silmo 2011. An example of the collection’s hand-applied epoxy inlay and signature open sides, this style is eye-catching, bright, and playful. It pairs as well with eveningwear as with loungewear. In fact, all ZIGGY’s feminine frames have a bold personality to complement that of its wearer.

The collection’s bestseller, Style No. 1182, marries fashion and function using hand-detailed metal temples reminiscent of contemporary stained glass; the open sides allow for zero restriction in the periphery.

Along with mixed metals and bold color choices, the line also boasts a love of nature and an undeniable Indian influence. With a nod to nature, Style No. 1270 integrates ZIGGY’s signature open sides, a laser-cut leaf motif at the temple, and a small eyesize. A frame that invokes a love of nature and passion for details, this is a style that not only attracts attention, but will also
start a conversation.

Style No. 1163, available in rich jewel tones, boasts temples adorned with three intricate laser-cut leaves embedded with a subtle touch of glimmer. As the wearer moves her head, the epoxy detail sparkles as it catches the light in a room and brings new meaning to the term “a twinkle in your eye.” Style No. 1273 incorporates details evocative of Indian henna tattoos such as squiggles, lines, and dots meticulously applied and surrounded by hand-inlaid epoxy in a variety of colors.

The ZIGGY collection brings worldly artistry stateside with ornate metal frames that are quickly filling a gap in the U.S. eyewear market. With fresh styles, a variety of sizes, and thoughtful designs that stand on uniqueness and quality manufacturing, ZIGGY is touted as the ultimate in affordable luxury.

Sarah Hobbs is a fashion blogger and certified optician at Insight Complete Eye Care in Dallas, TX.


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