A look under the hood at the new ZEISS DriveSafe all-day lens for people who drive.


ZEISS DriveSafe lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. are designed to provide more comfortable vision to the millions of drivers who have a hard time seeing in less-than-optimal driving conditions, including rainy or cloudy days, or certain times of day, such as dusk or nighttime. DriveSafe lenses are appropriate for all-day use and are available in both single vision and progressive designs, as well as in a wide variety of lens materials.

Back story

DriveSafe lenses were created using data from a Zeiss-commissioned study that tracked drivers’ head and eye movements while driving on a real-life course and looking at the road, instrument panel, and mirrors. As a result, DriveSafe lenses were designed as progressive lenses with larger distance and mid-range viewing zones, allowing wearers to quickly change focus from the road to the dashboard.

WOW Factor

These lenses use ZEISS’s Luminance Design Technology (which factors in pupil size in low-light conditions when calculating a lens’s optimal design) to provide excellent clear vision in all lighting conditions, including after dark. All DriveSafe lenses include ZEISS’s new DuraVision DriveSafe AR coating. This coating was developed specifically for DriveSafe lenses and is designed to alleviate the troublesome glare caused by the modern Xenon and LED headlights that are becoming more commonplace on the road.

DriveSafe lenses help an ECP’s practice by addressing a significant source of stress for many patients, while offering the convenience of an all-day pair. This gives patients a new reason to upgrade to state-of-the-art eyewear and demonstrates the ECP’s ability to provide solutions for the visual challenges patients face every day.


Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. 800-358-8258 zeiss.com/drivesafe


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