There are many basic tools that visualize features such as polarization, tints and coatings.  

Your patient has decided upon a frame and now it’s time for lens options. With more choices than ever before, it’s wise to make a small investment for lower-tech demos that can practically make the sale for you.

PreViews from Western Optical

The folks behind the iconic and beloved View-Master brand (remember the popular children’s toy?) designed a demo expressly for Western Optical Supply, Inc. PreViews (U.S. patent #5,311,356) is a super handy, compact and easy-to-use tool that shows examples of many different lens characteristics. It offers your patients the ability to be able to view and feel how specific lenses enliven color, reduce glare, heighten contrast and sharpen detail in the comfort of your dispensary.

You will be able to bring the outdoors inside by showing 3D scenes as viewed through the naked eye and then as seen with the benefits of a specialty lens. The PreViews Starter Kit includes viewer, counter display and any five disks.


One challenge to ECPs is the fact that most of us are indoors, away from harsh, blinding light. To help ECPs and patients see the benefits of polarized lenses, Younger Optics has released an updated version of its NuPolar LED Glare Demonstrator, which creates bright glare.

The battery-operated unit features an easy access on/off button on top and an automatic timed shut-off. It also includes a polarized lorgnette that rests comfortably on top of the unit when not in use. If desired, the demonstration image beneath the glare surface can be swapped with any one of four seasonal images included.


Transitions Optical offers lens demo cards and a UV demonstration lamp to explain how its photochromic technology works. You could display the UV demonstration lamp in the dispensing area, and with the demo cards you can show the difference between the activated and clear portion of the lens. Best of all, you can show the differences, side by side, between Transitions Signature and Transitions XTRActive lenses.

The PhotoFusion demo tool from ZEISS features gray and brown photochromic sample lenses. They gradually darken when exposed to UV light from the accompanying battery-powered torch device. The demo tool gives patients a real-time, firsthand understanding of the speed at which the lenses change, up to taking on a true sunglass tint in full sunlight. It really emphasizes the fact that ZEISS PhotoFusion technology reacts quickly to changing light conditions and can meet patients’ needs as an all-in-one lens solution.

Samuel Morgenstern, LDO, is the optical manager for Princeton Eye Group in Princeton, NJ.

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