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The versatility and aesthetic appeal of wrap polarized photochromic lenses can spike your sun sales. 

When it comes to outdoor activities, Americans and their sunglasses are becoming more and more inseparable. This is undoubtedly a result of the message that the optical industry and ECPs are putting out about the dangers of sun exposure and the benefits sun lenses can provide for both eye health and visual comfort. Consumers are buying sunwear products from low-end models to high-end designer pieces and everything in between. One popular category in the high-wrap sunwear frame segment is wrap polarized photochromic lenses.

Polarized lenses have led the way in recent years and many buyers consider them a necessity. Even so, fixed tints don’t adjust to changing light conditions (for example, if it’s overcast, the wearer’s lenses will still be 85% gray). The ultimate sun lens is a polarized photochromic that changes its color density as lighting conditions change. This negates the need for having two or more pairs of sun lenses on hand to swap out when this happens.

No one seems to know this better than the sports sunwear market. Wrap-frame designs are perfect for sunwear because of their eye-protective abilities and aggressive good looks. Add in polarized photochromic lenses and you get the perfect complement to a sporty wrap frame. Instead of using a standard, polarized photochromic lens that would ruin the frame’s approximate 8.50D base curve, try a lens with that same base curve because the frame’s rim will take the shape of the cut lens.

Want to offer these lenses to your patients? See below for the products you’ll find in this category.


Robert Lerose is a freelance writer based in New York.

Ed De Gennaro is Director, Professional Content, of First Vision Media Group.


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