“Shamir Blue Zero allows for ultimate protection indoors from blue light while maintaining nearly clear lens clarity. We are excited about the opportunity to provide eyecare practitioners with this level of protection to their patients. Just as sunglasses are important outdoors, Shamir Blue Zero is as necessary indoors and the marketplace is realizing that.”

-Mark Becker, VP of marketing 
and strategic partnerships

Shamir Insight’s new blue light-blocking solution offers total protection to patients of all ages.

Developed out of customer demand for a blue light solution from Shamir, Blue Zero was launched in June to protect patients from harmful artificial light in the 415nm—455nm range. “Blue light has been a growing interest in the industry in the past few years, and our customers have been very interested in a solution from Shamir,” said Candice Keating, director of marketing. “It isn’t our intent to rush to market with anything unless we believe that we are offering the most technologically advanced solution.“ Currently available in SuperLite1.67 and Trivex materials, Shamir Blue Zero is a “nearly clear treatment” within the lens material that blocks three times more harmful blue light than clear lenses, according to the company. Based on a polymer formula, Blue Zero is appropriate for all wearers, including children. It can also be added to most Shamir Freeform lens designs in both Rx and plano: progressive, single vision and bifocal, as well as Shamir’s Work (Computer, Workspace and Relax) and Play lines of lenses.

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