A look at optical laboratories producing private label blue light products.   

Amidst the buzz around the big names in lens manufacturing releasing more new lenses and lens treatments that protect against the dangers of high-energy visible (HEV) light (also known as blue light), it was only a matter of time before optical laboratories would offer up proprietary versions of these lens products.

Just like lens manufacturers, optical labs can use one of two methods to produce a blue light lens, either by embedding a compound inside the lens that absorbs blue light or changing the stack of an anti-reflective (AR) treatment so that it handles blue light. Some labs produce several blue light products by employing both of these approaches.

As with other lens product categories, having the option of purchasing proprietary blue light lenses through a lab allows ECPs to offer unique products that are similar in quality to name brand lenses, but at a reduced cost.

The blue light trend is only gaining steam, so educate your patients on the dangers of HEV light and recommend these products as a solution.

When labs get the blues, you get to offer quality blue light lenses while saving both you and your patients money. Here are a few of the laboratories offering these products and where to find them.

Robert Lerose is a freelance writer based in New York. Ed De Gennaro, MEd, ABOM, is Director, Professional Content of First Vision Media Group.


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