Fall ’17/Winter ’18 Calls For ‘The Great Reset,’ As Predicted By WGSN.

Back in May, VCPN featured the Spring/Summer 2017 eyewear trends (What’s The Forecast, p.27) indicated by international forecasting company WGSN. This month, we offer up the second part of WGSN’s presentation from Vision Expo East that focuses on a central theme for Fall 2017/Winter 2018: The Great Reset.

“We see a lot of companies and consumers redefining what it means to do business, how to live and how to design,” explained Ali Lind, trend consultant for WGSN North America. “Thanks to social media, there is a global awareness like never before. Transparency is key within a business, and a lot of brands were called out for not practicing what they preach and had to ‘reset’ their brand DNA to align with the consumers.”

WGSN breaks out the trends into four concepts: Design Matters, Earthed, Nocturne and Infusion.


Based on the concept of companies and their products having an emotional connection to the end user, eyewear will be designed “for the greater good,” according to Lind. Gray serves as a standalone color as well as undertones of chalk pink and dusty blue.


Saturated colors and “fired heat” inspired this trend, which was derived from the concept of “24-hour color;” interpreting color in terms of time. “So when the sun rises and sets, every minute the orange and yellow shades change and shift,” she explained. “Earthed is about these layers and combination of colors that can shift in hue slightly to create depth and take on a chameleon-like iridescence.”


Exploring darkness from a positive perspective, this theme is about mystery and composed luxury. According to Helen Palmer, director of knitwear, materials and textiles for WGSN, this trend will center around blackish blues, night shades and amethyst, which also gets paired with a darker lapis for a “moody” combination.


Creating harmony between luxury and technology, this trend conveys an optimistic outlook, which is a marked departure from the tech looks of past seasons. “We fell into a trap at first of doing ‘tech for tech sake’ and creating products that weren’t focusing on design. Then we flipped that and tried to make tech look sporty or luxury-driven, and now it’s really about this seamless relationship with materials and tech,” Lind explained. Key colors of teal, blue smoke and rose dust prevail.

DESIGN MATTERS: Emotional connection, designing for the greater good; gray, chalk pink and dusty blue

EARTHED:24-hour color inspired by the cycle of the sun; saturated hues of yellow, autumnal red and green

NOCTURNE: Evening mystery and composed luxury; blues, night shades and purples


INFUSION: Blending luxury with technology in a wearable way; teal, blue smoke and rose dust

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