Spring/summer 2017 calls for four distinct color and style trends, as predicted by international forcasting company WGSN.

As frame manufacturers and eyecare professionals evaluate the choices for the 2016 spring/summer season, many of which were revealed for the first time at last month’s Vision Expo, trend forecasters have been busy researching and assessing what the fashion mood will be a year from now. “We have a color team that creates our overarching seasonal color direction,” explained Ali Lind, trend consultant for WGSN Mindset, North America. “They work closely with the accessories and eyewear team, who interpret the direction into a palette for the season, considering today’s market.”

The WGSN teams help to define the direction and carve out the themes by surveying a wide variety of international trade shows, seeing what’s being worn on the street and what’s happening on the fashion runways “to distill common denominators in trend, color and style,” which are then interpreted for the eyewear market, according to Lind. WGSN subscriber ClearVision Optical Co., (CVO) relies upon the trend forecasting company to “review consumer trends and how they align with our brands to determine what will work best with each collection,” stated Rachel Rodriguez, CVO’s e-marketing specialist.

While many eyewear vendors rely upon an outside company for trend research, others such as Luxottica may have their own teams out in the field. “Thanks to our worldwide design coverage, we take part in major global events like SXSW in Austin, Coachella, the Furniture Fair in Milan, Maison Object in Paris and fashion week in Tokyo,” said Matteo Battiston, Luxottica Group Head of Design. The company publishes a color/material/finishing trend book-the work product of the trend team’s research on visual arts, communication, fashion, architecture and design-at least twice a year. “It’s a crucial tool in order to determine our vision of the future in terms of colors and patterns. Our development and advanced purchasing team are involved in the process since the beginning so that the materials which the collections are made of are consistent with the ongoing trends,” Battiston said, adding that social media now plays a “huge and critical” role in developing frame colors and styles for wearers.

During a presentation at last month’s Vision Expo East, WGSN defined four major themes for spring/summer 2017. Take a look at the inspiration behind the trends and examples of how they translate to frames.

Digital Wave: Tech-driven, ’80s and ’90s influences, powerful graphics, gender-neutral customization

Edgelands: Nostalgic, distressed, cozy and comfortable, festival youth, key color is bubblegum pink

Encounter Culture: Rainforest, beach-to-bar styling, exploration, globetrotting, bright colors

Pause: Time is the ultimate luxury. Comfort that incorporates sport and tech, key colors are white and gray, gold


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