If one thing is certain when it comes to fashion, previous trends are sure to resurface. Frequently, designers appear to become nostalgic, borrowing concepts from the past and reworking them into their styles of the present.

Vintage. It can manifest as new designs influenced by those that had once been in vogue during days gone by, or it can appear when trailblazers re-discover classic fashions from past eras, perhaps tucked away in a consignment shop or buried in someone’s attic. These groovy blasts from the past might even be found in a vintage store specializing in decades-old frames. We have it all in this issue of VCPN.

Our creative team here at First Vision Media Group has brought you an issue packed with vintage. Michele Silver, in her “ReFramed” article, explores today’s iconic (and historic) brands that reached into their own pasts to reinvent their earlier classics into today’s trendsetters.

Anthony Floreno brings you a focus on Caserta Eye, a New York optical shop touted as having “the largest collection of vintage frames” and described as “a veritable eyeglass museum.”

   Vintage. It permeates fashion, is integral to eyewear, and it’s found  throughout this issue of VCPN.

If companies themselves could be considered vintage, then a 137-year-old company, now managed by the fourth generation of the founding family, could surely be among them. That’s the case with Morel, profiled in our story about this eyewear producer.

Of course, our Looking Back department does just that in every issue . . . looks back. Under the guidance of our own Cara Huzinec, this page recalls past trends, in this issue reviewing the use of celluloid as a frame material (and the popular victory roll hairstyle of the 1940s, as an aside).

One of American eyewear’s most iconic brands, Oliver Peoples, epitomizes vintage, inspired by the American eyewear designs of the machine age of the  ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s. Word quickly spread through the mainstream media, and an entire eyewear company was born.

Vintage. It permeates fashion, is integral to eyewear, and it’s found throughout this issue of VCPN. So, don’t be afraid to take that occasional glance backward; it just might mean that you are actually leading fashion forward.

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