Flashy or subtle, logos play a leading sales role for patients and dispensaries. 

While the conspicuous logos from the ’90s have evolved into more minimalistic looks, branding eyewear remains an important marketing component. The following label smörgÃ¥sboard illustrates how different manufacturers use logo treatments to identify their brands.


“The fashion-oriented consumer has an affinity for branded products, brands that connect with their personality and aspirational fashion style,” said Alessandro Marcer, creative director for Safilo USA. “The current leaning is towards smaller logos and iconic elements that whisper the brand essence.” The Fendi FF 0134 defines this perfectly with its triangular cut-out detail that gives a 3D effect to the butterfly shape. According to Marcer, the triangle is a symbol of perfection, and the frame’s merging of blue with more classic shades of Havana and white create a “savoir-faire blending of tradition with innovation.”

The subtle approach has also been incorporated into the Randy Jackson collection from Zyloware. New for 2016, the Randy Jackson Limited Edition X118 features an RJ Limited Edition logo lasered with gold fill inside the right temple. “Placement is chosen at this location to enhance the overall aesthetics and to ensure branding does not distract or compete with any other design elements,” explained Alexa Faeth, senior marketing associate.


A number of brands use a set of different logos, identifying themselves by both design and brand. Licensors have a set of brand rules for how manufacturers may apply their logo to frames. For example, ClearVision’s BCBGMAXAZRIA line can only use the iconic BCBG butterfly logo, a newer stud bar logo or the BCBGMAXAZRIA logo bar.

Marchon offers a variety of logos on its Nike line based on the product itself and the demographics of its target market. While the company uses the older Nike logo on vintage-inspired frames, some of the frames for younger wearers utilize a bright, colorful swoosh. Meanwhile, frames geared toward older wearers feature a more subtle and monochromatic swoosh.


For those who can’t get enough of designer looks, the visibility of the brand is why they choose it in the first place. Inspired by the bold styles from the spring/summer runways, Versace 4308 from Luxottica shows off the Medusa head as an expression of the fashion house’s vision and desire to “astonish audiences with designs that are striking in their brilliance, originality and style,” according to a company spokesperson.

Graphic icons, such as those from Tura’s Lulu Guinness, also provide a strong identifier for fans of a brand. Signature branding includes the Red Lip icon on the inside right temple tip, the Lulu Guinness logo on the outside left temple and a signature tip shape,” according to Julie Allen, senior brand manager. Style L890 features the fun and whimsical cat-eye shape in double laminate colors with a simple name plaque on the temple.

Brand logos are an integral part of treatments and placements, and they all identify something consumers value: the brand itself.

Joy L. Gibb, ABOC, is the lead optician at Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, Utah.

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