YOU HAVE a patient who hands you a prescription with an add on it. She’s a presbyope who needs some near help. You begin your lifestyle interview and ask questions about her work visual demands, leisure activities, if she’s bothered by bright light or reflected glare, etc. After this in-depth questioning, you determine that one of the new progressives designed and processed with free-form technology is the best choice for her. You’ve made all the right moves and recommended a terrific premium free-form lens, but here’s my question: What are you really selling?

This is a loaded question because, IMHO (in my humble opinion), you’re selling two things—the premium free-form lenses, but perhaps more importantly, you’re selling you. The you part of the sale is just as essential as the features and benefits of the product. Here’s an example:

Let’s say I own a $450,000 Ferrari race car. It’s an amazing machine loaded full of power and high-tech mechanical abilities. It’ll even do 350 mph on the race track. I decide to hand the keys to a kid aged 15 who doesn’t have a learner’s permit. What kind of performance will he get out of my Ferrari? Not much! In fact, I’ll be lucky to get my car back in one piece.

This same kind of thing occurs with you and the products you sell. The premium free-form lens you recommended above has the potential to deliver amazing visual performance…but only in the hands of a professional who knows and understands the product and is able to maximize the product’s full potential through proper recommendation, fitting, and adjusting. In the hands of some less qualified person, the patient experience with the product might be disappointing.

So when you sell a product, you’re actually selling the product and its merits along with your professional ability to maximize that product’s potential. Most ECPs never mention their contribution to the product’s abilities, they simply discuss the features and benefits and let it go at that. This is a huge disservice to you and your business.

The next time you recommend a product, be sure to finish the conversation with a mention about how you will apply your professional skills and abilities to ensure that the full potential of the product you’ve recommended will be realized. Patients can’t buy that anywhere else. It’s your brand and only you can provide it. Never lose sight of this because it’s unique to you and your office, which makes is all the more powerful for your business.


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