CobaltLTE produces wet-cut quality without the need for a water management system.
FAST AND PRECISE For larger labs, Coburn Technologies, Inc.’s True-Form system includes the CobaltDS generator and CobaltDP polisher. On a smaller scale, the CobaltLTE is the fastest and most precise generator and polisher Coburn has ever created. Compared to the Coburn ALPS system, its speeds are significantly faster and highly competitive with leading wet-cut free-form surfacing generators, according to the company. The reason it’s faster is because Coburn has added a unique axis of control, laps, and pads. There is also an exclusive set of curve-specific processes for polishing. Coburn’s new technologies work together as a system as well as independently with compatible free-form generators and/or compatible free-form polishers.

The CobaltLTE is the fastest and most precise generator and polisher Coburn has created.

issues related to wet-cut generating systems; specifically waste disposal, water recycling, and reclamation systems. Additionally, wet-cut systems can be expensive, are messy, and require high maintenance. They also take up a lot of coveted lab space and some require pumping systems.

Coburn addressed these issues by developing the CobaltLTE generator to be a better wet-cut solution. In fact, the Cobalt generator eliminates the need for a water management system altogether. Over a course of two years of conceptualization and development, Coburn developed “Cold-Mist” technology. The Cold-Misting system atomizes a water-based lubricant, directing it precisely at the single diamond point on the lens surface and the lathe during cutting. This exclusive, patented technology continuously lubricates the cutting surface during the generation process with a cold, mist lubricant.

Cold-Misting technology eliminates the requirement to flood the entire cutting chamber with liquid, which ends up as hazardous waste when using alloy blocking and certain lens types. This also removes the need and extra expense to properly handle and dispose of that waste. The system is designed to stay dry. Any mist residue evaporates before it leaves the cutting chamber; therefore, waste is dry before it enters the vacuum system.

The Cold-Mist system was previously only available on the larger industrial CobaltDS system. This latest innovation offers the benefits of wet-cut with all of the benefits of dry swarf management in a platform that is ideal for small- to medium-size labs looking to be able to offer free-form designs in-house.

In conjunction with air bearing, voice coil, and direct drive technology to increase cutting accuracy and lens production, Coburn’s patented and globally licensed single-point diamond turning lathe technology produces a lens surface that the company claims surpasses competitive wet-cut generators. Coburn touts that the CobaltLTE generating system is able to process quickly and efficiently a precision lens surface that is accurate and clean, with the least amount of interruption to the lens surface during the cutting process.

The CobaltLTE generator is part of Coburn’s new exclusive True-Form lens processing system. The True-Form system includes a generator, polisher, and polish chiller which, when combined, have an up to 50% smaller footprint than competitive wet-cut free-form systems.

Fast, effective, and efficient, Coburn’s CobaltLTE generator can bring innovative technology to ECP’s offices and small- to mid-size labs, by offering them the versatility to produce both free-form and conventional lenses.

Steven Warfield is a lab technician and freelance writer based in Harrisburg, PA.


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