Two Hot Kiss models from Nouveau Eyewear have color-changing temples for a true conversation piece.

Nouveau Eyewear launched two Hot Kiss models last month that feature a unique technology enabling temple colors to change within 10 to 20 seconds of sun exposure.

Available in black or tortoise, HK78 in black has grapefruit-colored temples that turn deep orange in sunlight; the tortoise model has lavender temples that change to grape. HK79 comes in pink or gray. Pink turns to burgundy, and gray turns to hunter green. Under development for about a year, the Hot Kiss color-changing collection will include more models later this year. The brand, which targets girls and young women ages 12 to 25, appeals to wearers who appreciate the collection’s fun and colorful look.

“The Hot Kiss brand is well known with teens and tweens who shop at Charlotte Russe, Rue 21 and other specialty stores,” said John DeLuna, director of marketing, Nouveau Eyewear. “Hot Kiss is loved for its trendy, risk-taking style in denim and tops. These color-changing frames share that same attitude and are a perfect match for the brand. Girls who want a true conversation piece and great style will love Hot Kiss.”

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