The Impressions system from Fashion Optical Displays can be customized to work in any size-or shape-practice.
Ennco’s Ice Panels are made with light-friendly, frosted Perspex, and can accommodate a wide range of display systems.
LIGHT IT UP An integral part of any display, lighting should be part of the design plan from the beginning-not an afterthought. For example, Fashion Optical Displays’ Impressions displays are ideally paired with track lighting, while other designs and displays are more suited for other lighting plans. Blanca Rivera, senior designer, Eye Designs LLC, explains, “Most wall-hung displays require some form of lighting since they are typically low profile and are not illuminated.”

Once you’ve invested hard-earned dollars into a new hanging wall display, it will be well worth the additional commitment to a new setup to take the time to learn about the proper lighting options. Be sure to ask your wall display company’s representative-it’s likely that they can offer specific tips or direct you to additional resources.

The Fusion wall panels from Eye Designs allow ECPs to arrange merchandise however they’d like.
Made from frosted acrylic, Illusion Optical Displays’ bubble wall display just may convince patients that the frames they’re considering are floating.

Hanging wall displays are an effective way to exhibit eyewear.

The optical world offers endless options when it comes to frame styles, lens technology, and even cases, and without a doubt, eyecare professionals (ECPs) work tirelessly to present their merchandise in an appealing way. This presentation is largely driven by the style of the display. One solid choice when it comes to displays is the hanging wall display. These hanging wall displays can work for practices of any size.

The patented Versa™ Merchandising System from Eye Designs takes simple frame boards and transforms them into stylish selling vehicles with ECPs’ additions of branded signage, shelving, and other merchandising elements. Offered in panels as well as custom laminate designs, the Versa Wall can be made from various materials, including a light solid maple wood to a frosted Lucite. ECPs can choose to upgrade their Versa Wall to incorporate optional decorative framing that fits in with their practice’s décor and other display furniture.

Contemporary and clean, the FLOT Merchandising System employs varied shelf sizes and other components that help ECPs tell a story, rather than just hanging frames. The line’s wall panel and Prisma Modular Lucite display, along with the FLOT shelf and plug, give the staff true flexibility as they set up their eyewear displays. For more information, see Eye Designs Catches Patients’ Eyes.

Easy to mount onto any wall, the Synergy™ Pro Rod System is ideal for ECPs working in small spaces, as it allows for brand messaging, shelving, and mirrors, while keeping frames locked in place. A single rod can even accommodate multiple frame-holder options, including straight, rotating, locking, and non-locking. This is a great way to show off temple designs and hingeless frames. ECPs who really want to mix things up can even attach Synergy Pro Rods to frosted Lucite panels.

Practices looking to take a full-on do-it-yourself approach can look to Eye Design’s Fusion wall panels. Made from durable plastic with UV protection, these units will not yellow over time. And if these options aren’t enough, floating cabinetry and other base units from Eye Designs can be placed underneath the hanging displays to provide additional storage.

The custom displays within Fashion Optical Displays’ Impressions Collection bring hanging wall displays to new heights-and widths! This solution system works well in large practices, and for unconventional spaces. It is also ideal for new or small practices, as it can easily expand over time. “The unique modular design of the Impressions wall displays easily make them one of our most versatile display styles,” says Lori Estrada, designer. “With an assortment of different options, this economical, expandable display style is great for start-up practices looking to expand over time, as well as established practices seeking to create a dynamic focal point display and maximize unused wall space.”

The displays in this collection can carry as few as seven frames, and up to 45 (as well as several sizes in between). The modular nature of the pieces offer ECPs affordable individuality: The collection includes a graphic wall display frame, a surefire way to inject some personality into any merchandising effort, as well as an 11.5 in. x 52 in. wall mirror.

Frame styles for the displays include cherry mahogany, satin black, dark walnut, rustic brown, brushed stainless, etched bronze, aged pewter, antique nickel, and antique black. Back panels come in hardrock maple, white, and silver frost.

Pop! That’s what your patients will say when they stumble upon the bubble wall display from Illusion Optical Displays. The elements of these hanging pieces are made from frosted acrylic and have brushed nickel standoffs. SMART frame display eyeglass holders create the illusion that the frames are actually floating in front of the bubbles.

“Our designers decided it was time to break through the “˜boxy’ barrier that most optical displays fall prey to and come up with something curvy, organic, and uncluttered,” states Jamie Van Duinen, president. “The majority of today’s displays say, “˜Look how many frames I can hold,’ whereas this display stands up in the crowd and distinctly states, “˜Hey, look at these frames!’ It’s amazing how something as simple as circles can change the whole concept of a room.”

Available in four possible orientations, the bubble wall displays have a 46 in. x 92 in. footprint, allowing ECPs to really maximize their space. For those looking for a bit of additional guidance, Illusion Optical Displays also offers design services to determine ideal wall placement and orientation for the displays within a practice.

LED puck lighting, which can be installed in several possible colors, brings serious production value to any space utilizing these displays. The lights for these displays are remote controlled and offer a variety of cycles. While track lighting or directional lighting is recommended for most displays, the bubble wall displays are most appropriately paired with ambient light.

From Ice Cubes to Ice Panels and beyond, Ennco offers several hanging wall display concepts. The Ice Panels feature aluminum standoffs designed to attach to vertical surfaces, and they’re made with light-friendly, frosted Perspex. Display systems of all kinds can be attached to them with the help of precision laser cutting. This style display comes in many sizes and colors include clear frost and glacier green frost.

Employing the same base material as its Ice Panels, Ennco’s Ice Cubes have a more conventional look, in terms of the display, and ECPs can choose between locking and non-locking panels. They feature anywhere from one to five columns of frames, and heights can vary depending on a practice’s needs. Aluminum bridge supports keep frames in place, with the help of laser-cut holes for the temples. “Sunglasses simply “˜pop’ when shown against this particular background material,” notes Jan Ennis, president, Ennco Display Group.

Offering a completely different look in the wall display category are magnetic displays such as Optique 2000 and Stilo FD. The components for each of these systems give ECPs total flexibility when it comes to product placement. Optique 2000 also offers pieces for signage, mirrors, and P-O-P.

Whether you’re going for a super modern look or want your practice to reflect a more conventional style, hanging wall displays keep your merchandise where it should be: in front of patients who are in the market for new eyewear.

Rachel Bozek is a freelance writer who includes the optical field as one of her areas of expertise.


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