After its height as a sponsor of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, VUARNET took a respite from the North American market. Lucky for us, Vuarnet is back on our home soil and with its usual European flair. The frames come from a heritage of excellent performance and style which is apparent in the new collection.

Vuarnet’s lineup includes eye- and sunwear styles for women and men. The frames are made from Mazzucchelli acetate, nylon, and various metals, and come in thin, thick, and wrap designs, as well as combination frame options. Colors range from subdued to blazingly bold, but are appropriate for the models they accompany. The ophthalmics all come with authentic Vuarnet clip-ons.

Four new product categories make up the collection: Iconic, Lifestyle, Sport, and Clip-On.

Frames featured in the Iconic series are made from the refurbished original molds. VL1315, “Glacier” from the Iconic collection, is a standout-it’s designed specifically for protection under the harshest exposure conditions. Also part of the Iconic collection, VL0002 captures all the details of the original Vuarnet line but adds a modern color palette.

A brand new release in the Iconic collection, VL0006 is a modified square designed in plastic. This frame is perfect for someone with a larger head size who wants to look great and see even better.

VL1303 from the aptly named Lifestyle collection looks ready to take on just about anything life could throw at the wearer. With its rugged good looks and a chassis built for work, it won’t let you down.

A great oversized 9-base wrap in the Sport collection, VL1402 is double-injected with both nylon and rubber to ensure a comfortable fit for any sports enthusiast.

Looking like it arrived straight from the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival is VL1406 from the Clip-On collection. The quintessential round plastic chassis accented with metal Vuarnet stamped temples has a perfect matching clip-on. This clip isn’t an afterthought; it transforms this already appealing dress frame into a must-have sunglass.

Vuarnet is renowned for its lenses that are all made from a high mineral glass. They are categorized by use-mountain and skiing, water sports, etc. Tints, filters, and coatings are geared to the lens’ specific purpose.

All feature Vuarnet’s scratch-resistant, shock-resistant, mineral glass lens. This lens provides superior optical quality, an ABBE value of 59, never-fade tints, 100% UVA and UVB protection, and boasts the engraved trademark “V” that guarantees the lens’ quality and authenticity.

Vuarnet also offers three patented mirror lens treatments.The Polarlynx features polarized lens technology and a silver, bi-shaded mirror combined with a gray-blue tint for natural contrast and clarity. The original Skilynx is a silver, bi-shaded lens with an amber-yellow base that incorporates a backside AR for high contrast that’s geared to high altitude and high exposure conditions. Citylynx is a blue-silver bi-shaded lens with backside AR in a gray tint that’s designed for daily use.

Add Vuarnet to your brand selection and your patients will be sure to thank you.

John Seegers is a licensed optician at Ryan Vision Center in Henrico, VA, and the creator of



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