New lens designs and advanced equipment launches were found throughout last month’s Vision Expo East.

On the Vision Care Technology front at Vision Expo East, there were a number of innovative introductions, from 3D-printed lenses to many new lens designs from the major manufacturers.

Essilor announced that the Varilux S progressive addition lens would be replaced by the Varilux X. VSP Optics Group expanded its Unity portfolio to include the all-new Unity Via Progressive Lenses, specifically designed to be easy to fit and deliver advanced and comfortable vision by following the natural path of the eye.

In a development partnership with Younger Optics, Transitions Signature VII polycarbonate composite lens technology has been expanded to include more segmented multifocals, FT35 bifocal and 7 x 28 trifocal lenses, in both gray and brown. This is in addition to the FT28 bifocal lenses released last year. SeikoVision, through a partnership with HOYA Vision Care, launched two new products—Sensity, a new brand of light-reactive lenses, and HOYA DF, distortion-free optics.

Probably the most disruptive new lens technology introduced was Luxexcel’s 3D-printed designs produced using proprietary equipment scheduled to be installed in the U.S. this August.

New edgers were demonstrated by National Optronics (the tabletop QM-X3 dry-cut edger with remote diagnostics and removable vacuum) and MEI (the environmentally friendly EZ Fit block-free milling edger).

Coburn Technologies launched two new machines, the Cobalt NX generator and the Duality automated all-in-one lens detaper and cleaner.

Other unique technology on display included the PogoLoop universal connector from PogoTec that enables you to connect the world’s smallest and lightest eyewear camera, the PgoCam, to your current eyeglass frame. The Pgo Loop turns any frame into smart eyewear.

John Sailer, is vice president, editorial, First Vision Media Group.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Coburn Technologies, Inc. 800.262.8761 • // Essilor of America, Inc. 800.542.5668 • // HOYA Vision Care, North America 877.528.1939 • // Luxexcel + • // MEI S.r.l. 847.357.0323 • // National Optronics 800.866.5640 • // PogoTec 540.904.5156 • // Seiko Optical Products of 
America, Inc. 800.235.5367 • // Transitions Optical, Inc. 800.848.1506 • // 
Younger Optics 800.366.5367 • // VSP Optics Group


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