CAST YOUR LINE WITH COSTA. Stop by Costa’s booth for a free fish species eyechart poster and for a chance to win a free pair of Costa’s 580 Rx suns. New dealer specials will also be available. Costa, 800-447-3700,, #20110.

GET DECKED OUT AT CHARMANT. Guests making qualifying purchases of ELLE, Esprit, PUMA, or Trussardi frames will receive one of several possible branded gifts, including Elle scarves, Esprit watches, PUMA T-shirts, and Trussardi wallets. Charmant Group, 800-645-2121,, #20093.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS WITH CLEARVISION. Qualifying purchases at ClearVision will garner rewards including an Ecko Unlimited watch or Ellen Tracy cosmetic case (36-piece purchases), a BCBG women’s watch or an Ecko Unlimited watch (60-piece purchases), a BCBG women’s handbag or Cole Haan women’s handbag (100-piece purchases), and a Cole Haan men’s duffel or Cole Haan women’s bag (150-piece purchases). ClearVision Optical Co., 800-645-3733,, #16087.

TAKE A RIDE WITH KENMARK. Visit Kenmark to check out vintage-inspired Original Penguin styles and register to win a custom-built Republic bicycle. Kenmark Group, 800-627-2898,, #16031.

GET UP FRONT WITH OCULUS. Guests at the Oculus booth can enter to win an Apple iPad when they stop by to see the new Keratograph 5M. Oculus is also offering a customer-appreciation discount at the show. Oculus, Inc., 888-284-8004,, #MS8053.

WIN BIG AT ICOAT. Enter a drawing at iCoat’s booth to win an Apple iPod Nano. Three win- ners will be drawn at random on or around September 12. iCoat Co., 800-832-2628,, #20051.

IT’S TIME FOR SPECIALS AT EYES OF FAITH. Customers placing qualifying orders on Eyes of Faith frames will receive a 20% discount (20 frames or more) or a 30% discount (30 frames or more) as well as a free lab cloth or eyechart T-shirt with any opening order. Eyes of Faith, 888-777-9390,, #25062.

WAKE UP EARLY WITH EASTERN STATES. All orders placed before 11am throughout the show will earn customers a $25 AmEx gift card. In addition, up to three additional $25 AmEx gift cards will be awarded for orders placed at the show. Eastern States Eyewear, 800-645-3710,, #17023.

RON’S OPTICAL IS OFF THE CHAIN. Customers who buy 20 eyeglass chains will receive four free chains plus a free chain display, and those who purchase 10 readers will receive two free readers plus a free display. Ron’s Optical, 800-247-7667,, #18115.

DISCOUNTS AND REBATES GALORE AT ABS. Don’t forget to stop by the ABS booth to view product demonstrations and make sure to take advantage of the Expo-only special savings for great deals on products. ABS Inc., 888-989-4227,, #MS3036.

SLITHER OVER TO REPTILE. The purchase of Reptile’s technologically advanced polarized suns could lead to a free Apple iPad2. Visit the Reptile booth for details on minimum purchase. Reptile Polarized Sunglasses, 800-625-1880,, #G22032.

SHOOT FOR A TABLET AT SIGNET ARMORLITE. Visit Signet Armorlite to ask about new PhotoViews™ photochromic lenses and enter to win a tablet computer. Signet Armorlite, Inc., 800-950-5367,, #LP7065.

SAY HELLO TO LADY LUCK AT TURA. Guests can win chips for purchases at Tura’s booth, select a gift card and, for those ordering for the first time, check out the first-time discount offer and learn about rebates. There will also be a chance to enter to win $500 in AmEx gift cards. Tura, 800-242-8872,, #16042.

ZYLOWARE IS IN STYLE. Purchasers of any six Sophia Loren frames will receive a snake print, woven handbag. Other Zyloware giveaways include temporary tattoos, pens, hand sanitizers, lip balms, and tote bags. Discounts of up to 40% will be available on brands including Sophia Loren, Randy Jackson, and Daisy Fuentes. Zyloware Eyewear, 800-765-3700,, #18031.

IT’S IN THE BAG AT LIVE EYE-WEAR. Stop at the Live Eyewear booth to learn about exclusive show specials and the new 2012 Cocoons releases, and receive an eco-friendly, reusable Cocoons tote bag. Live Eyewear, 800-834-2563,, #21065.

IT’S SAMPLES ABOUND AT PSI. Stop at the PSI booth for free samples of the company’s new Sure-Lock Hydrophobic Gripping Discs and double-tabbed, Sure Mount Blocking Pads. Practical Systems Inc. (PSI), 800-237-8154,, #LP4087.

HOYA FITS TO A ‘T.’ Attendees at HOYA’s live demonstrations will receive a free T-shirt. And those who need a pick-me-up can stop by for free coffee and espresso. HOYA VISION CARE, North America, 877-528-1939,, #LP6087.

FRAME YOURSELF AT OGI. With an order of 30 Scojo New York Tribeca readers (net) or 40 Gels readers (net), customers will receive a $50 rebate and a free display. Ogi Eyewear, 888-560-1060,, #G23017.

ENJOY SPECIALS FROM DAC VISION. Customers who visit DAC Vision’s booth can get discounts including 20% off on BluEdge™ and HydroEdge™ edging pads (500/roll). DAC Vision, 800-800-1550,, #LP8088.

LINE UP AT LEGRE. Check out Legre’s 12 new styles, its frames specials, and enter one of the company’s Apple iPad giveaways. Legre, 800-747-3840,, #22110.


. Swing by A&A’s booth and enter to win $100 cash or a high-definition TV. Customers receive one raffle ticket for every purchase of 15 frames. Visitors to the booth can also enter to win a new Apple iPad (no purchase necessary.) Winners will be announced at A&A’s Happy Hour on Friday, September 7, at 5:30pm. A&A Optical, 800-492-4465,, #22051.


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