PAL-ID ENGRAVING IDENTIFIER NOW AVAILABLE FROM ESSILOR INSTRUMENTS To assist even the least experienced optical technician in your office locate and accurately identify surface markings on progressive addition lenses
(PALs) in just seconds, the PAL-ID Engraving Identifier is now available from Essilor Instruments. Its exclusive, patented optical imaging system is designed to illuminate, enlarge and enhance even the faintest engravings on PALs. 855.393.4647,




VSP OPTICS GROUP LAUNCHES FASTER PHOTOCHROMIC The newest photochromic lens to join the SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses portfolio, SunSync Plus changes from dark to clear three times faster than the current industry leader, according to the company. The new photochromic lens also retains the performance benefits of the original SunSync, darkening quickly in sunlight, blocking 100% of UV radiation, selectively filtering blue light, and resisting scratches and smudging. SunSync Plus is available exclusively with Unity Via progressives, which launched in March. It can be ordered in gray in 1.50 plastic, 1.59 polycarbonate and 1.67 high index. 888.867.8867


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