Hilco B&S OptiCar Screwdriver Set
Add a little fun to your dispensary with the B&S OptiCar Screwdriver Set. This screwdriver set is one of the latest dispensing solutions from the Hilco Vision professional products team. The car-shaped base features a high quality metal design with free-moving solid rubber wheels. The set includes five B&S screwdrivers-four slotted: 1.0mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm and; and one Phillips-2.0mm. 800.955.6544,
Coburn’s ‘Expert Edger’
The HPE-8000X “Expert Edger” is the latest finishing product for retail and wholesale lens labs from Coburn Technologies, Inc. A successor to the HPE-8000, the HPE-8000X includes a number of new key features, including step bevel cutting, 11 different lens edge finishes, reduced lens slippage, the ability to directly import DCS job files, six different edging positions, retouch support back-up, frame shape modification and a high performance wheel design for higher polish quality and easier wheel maintenance. 800.262.8761,
PSI Calibration Microscope
The Calibration Microscope from Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) now includes a 0.10mm scale that assists when calibrating digital lens generators. This high resolution, dual magnification (20/40) microscope is used for verifying the alignment of etching lines in the calibration process of digital lens generators. The new 0.10mm scale allows the user to more accurately determine the amount of correction that is required, saving time, reducing ‘guesstimates’ and simplifying the overall process. 800.237.8154,

Arch Crown Honeywell
Bar Code Scanner
Incorporating battery-free and Bluetooth wireless technology that works up to 33 feet from the base, Arch Crown’s Honeywell Voyager 1202g-bf single-line laser scanner delivers aggressive linear bar code scanning performance even on poor quality or damaged bar codes. Capable of being charged in less than 20 seconds from a wall power adapter, the scanner provides short-term power for at least 100 wireless scans. 800.526.8353,


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