Following its recent acquisition of high-index lens manufacturer Daemyung Optical Co. Ltd. in South Korea, VISION EASE has introduced a new line of single vision 1.67 high-index lenses. “Our 1.67 high-index lens line provides more configurations than any other lens provider on the market now,” said Barry Resnik, VISION EASE’s vice president of marketing. 800.328.3449,
Shamir’s Spectrum + everyday progressive lens upgrades Shamir’s Spectrum design with a 20% wider reading area and intermediate corridor. The ergonomic Natural Posture design places the reading zone in the correct location for a comfortable reading experience. Dynamically locating the near viewing zone within the lens corridor, accounting for the prescription’s plus or minus power, reduces the need to tilt one’s head to find the right viewing distance and angle. 877.514.8330,

From Indo Horizons, Free-Design 2.0 enables practices with an in-house or centralized lab to create their own lens designs. Using this lens design technology from Indo enables you to build a completely exclusive portfolio of lenses tailor made to your own specifications. Indo’s technical and marketing teams are available to guide you through the process of creating your own customized lens catalog.,


This frame-bending tool enables eyecare professionals to position its large radius over thumb or index finger for heavy duty bending power and control. The smaller radius is used for tighter bends on thinner, more flexible frames. Constructed of stainless steel with durable suede bending surfaces, the tool measures 1/8 in. thick x 5/8 in. wide and is made in the U.S. 800.678.4768,
An economical alternative for diamond tool users, The Gem Cut Turning Tool from Jeanie Premium Products, Inc. offers the same benefits as natural diamond, providing precision cutting while maintaining extended tool life. In addition, Jeanie Premium Products also offers retooling services. “We either re-lap or re-blade tools, bring them back to OEM specifications and return them for use,” explained founder and president Melissa Veeser. 952.426.3237,

Polarized polycarbonate NuPolar Gradient lenses from Younger Optics are now available in Brown/Brown, dark brown on top gradually lightening to lighter brown on the bottom. The lens formerly known as “Brown,” dark brown on top gradually lightening to a light gray, will be known as NuPolar Gradient Brown/Gray. The third NuPolar Gradient lens available is Gray/Gray, lightening from a dark gray on top to a light gray on the bottom. 800.366.5367,


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