Dynamic Labs’ Pro Edge 3 Finish Blocking Pads
Thanks to their firm green foam substrate material, Pro Edge 3 blocking pads reduce slippage and twisting during high torque edging. Pro Edge 3 works on all coated and uncoated lenses and easily and cleanly de-blocks. 888.339.6264,
OptiSource Cad-Con 1000
Adding 4 ounces of Cad-Con 1000 treats 5 gallons of alloy tank wastewater by acting like a magnet to attract and chemically bind with dissolved particulate cadmium and lead. Once metals are bound, they are unable to become soluble again and remain trapped in the sediment in a chemically stable state that leaves water clear and free of cadmium and lead. Cad-Con 1000 also treats other alloy-contaminated wastes such as block washer waters, swarf sludge, coolant, polishes and emery. 800.678.4768,
Arch Crown TT364 Poly-Lam Computer String Tags
Made of Poly-Lam gloss material that is stronger than polyester or Kimdura, these computer string style tags from Arch Crown have adhesive-free adjustable loops ideal for tagging frames. Text and bar code images will not rub off from cleaning. Tags come in eight colors in packages of 4,000 tags per roll. 800.526.8353,


Retinal Bliss DES from Quantum Innovations
Offering total protection from glare, smudges, water, scratches, dust and oil, Retinal Bliss DES coating from Quantum Innovations filters up to 17% HEV light in the 400 to 455 nm range and 5% at 500 nm. Retinal Bliss DES blocks the highest level of UV rays when used on polycarbonate, high-index and Trivex lenses. A proprietary backside coating transmits blue light away from the eye, reducing backside reflection to less than 1%. 888.268.3414,
New Edging Supplies from Hilco
Lens blocking pads for hydrophobic, super hydrophobic and standard lenses are available from Hilco in popular sizes and shapes to work with most edging equipment. Anti-slip films prevent slippage or torsion during edging, and two options of backside protectors are now available to protect lenses during edging. 800.955.6544,
UV-XBT Scratch-Resistant Coating
This patent-pending coating was put to stringent tests by Ultra Optics to produce superior adhesion on all lens substrates. UV-XBT (Extreme Bonding Technology) offers “superior hardness, great tintability, untouchable adhesion, unmatched AR compatibility and excellent surface coverage” along with a low yellowness factor, according to the company. Testing was performed on 1.60, 1.67, 1.74, Trivex, Tribrid, polycarbonate and CR-39. 800.365.9993,

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