Optek‘s Shape Handles a Wide Array of Jobs

Loaded with a four-axis edger and a seven-head turret-essentially seven independent spindles-Optek International’s Shape Lens Finishing Center (“Shape”) features different tooling designs, such as step bevelers, engravers, drills, and polish wheels. The standard tooling includes roughing cutter, angled bevel cutter with grooving wheel, back mill, smoother, polisher, drill/mill, and engraver. This versatile machine allows ECPs to shape lenses for sport frames, wrap frames, and edge lenses with high-base curves. There’s no plastic exterior but rather a sound-insulated, sheet-metal shell and sealed cutting chamber.

Optek’s Shape edger uses a 15-in. Touchmonitor LCD screen from Elo Touch Solutions. This ad- vanced screen, which includes a backlit feature, allows high resolution for crisp graphics and IntelliTouch Plus technology for precision touch control. Shape’s freeEDGE software provides a simple user interface for turning out high-end designs, such as free-form edges, engravings, and drop-in predefined hole patterns for popular frame styles, and it stores the patterns in the on-board database. Designs can be mirrored, scaled, rotated, and repeated to best fit the lens shape. Shape handles dry or wet mist cutting, and the sealed cutting chamber protects internal machine parts from debris. It weighs 615 lbs. and can be accessorized with a 7000-207 barcode reader.

The seven-position vertical tool turret in the Optek Shape allows the tools to rotate into position when needed in order to complete a particular process. Using this rotating turret, ECPs will be able to perform tasks like beveling and rimless grooves with relative ease. Use Optek’s freeEDGE technology and you’ll open the door to some unique talent capabilities.



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