Phyllis brings thicker temples adorned with blue and white flowers together with a plain black front.
The Vera Bradley cocoa moss pattern on the temples of a black-and-white crystal front gives Suzanne a vintage feel.
INDISPENSABLE IN THE DISPENSARY Over-the-counter readers (OTCs) are often overlooked in optical shops despite being a valuable source of revenue for ECPs. We know our patients are going to wear them, so we might as well make sure that they are using an optical-quality lens that will not distort their vision and make a profit at the same time. Some women keep up to 10 pairs of OTCs in rotation at once, so remember, if you’re not selling OTCs, your patients are getting them elsewhere.

McGee’s Vera Bradley readers offer sizzle for the discerning woman.

With its reintroduction of Vera Bradley over-the-counter (OTC) readers, The McGee Group has decided that the more you stand out in a crowd, the better.

Each of the four styles in the collection is available in three colors and three powers (+1.50D, +2.00D, and +2.50D). The frames are constructed with quality plastic material and they all feature a full-rimmed construction.

We’ve seen the P3 shape come and go plenty of times, but I’ll bet you’ve never seen it the way McGee’s Vera Bradley does it. Annette, for example, is P3 gone totally feminine. With a purple front and bright yellow temples, this is not a frame for the fainthearted. If your patient wants a P3 but not quite as much color, never fear, the other two colorways are a bit calmer. When Vera Bradley creates a tortoise, you can always count on a new twist. The clementine color featuring a brown tortoise with pink temples is a great new combo and blue bayou with a black front and blue temple is another new color option from this line.

The soft edges on the rectangular Monica will make this reader popular with your female clientele; its cool colors and funky temples are sure to turn heads. Colored “crystal” is all the rage in ophthalmics right now, so McGee decided to apply that design approach to OTCs. Heather is a light purple that glows the soft color of heather growing in the fields. The temples on each of the three colors boast Vera Bradley’s signature floral patterns. Another really hot color this season is green; the Olivia pink features pink on the temples and a soft emerald green front that will flatter any wearer. A tortoise and pink temple combination featuring the Lola pattern is available for your more conventional patients.

It’s the temples that make the Phyllis style stand out. A plain black front runs the risk of looking heavy, but not when you pair it with a thicker temple and with the blue and white flowers of blue bayou. Each frame has a different floral pattern on the inside and outside temples that makes each Phyllis style distinctive. Each of Phyllis’ temple patterns is reminiscent of the Mod ’60s.

Completing the collection is Suzanne-a flirty cat eye. With crystal fade fronts that give an illusion of floating color and whimsical, thin temples, Suzanne rounds out the line nicely. It isn’t often that you find lime green in a frame, but here the cocoa moss pattern on the temples of the black and white crystal front give the frame such a vintage feeling that you can’t help but want to put this frame on.

Each of these styles comes with matching soft slip-in cases and you’ll find them moderately priced, too. Be sure to keep plenty on hand as your patients will likely want to purchase multiples.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical on Phoenix, AZ.


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