Whether it be a grand opening or the launch of a new line, events can be very effective at generating buzz for your business. In addition to signage, fliers, advertisements, and e-mails announcing your event, add in these social media tools to help promote attendance and make your event a big success.

First, create an Event using the Facebook Event feature. You can use your Page to create an Event and then access your personal friends as well as fans of your Page to add to the invite. The event will show up on your wall and on the walls of those who say they will attend. If you require an RSVP, include instructions on the Facebook Event wall as to how to RSVP. Maybe it’s an e-mail to your event staff that includes contact information. Be sure to add these e-mail addresses to your database for direct contact about the event. Creating an Event in Facebook is simple and taking this single action of creating a Facebook event and posting it to your Page’s wall as well as inviting your contacts can dramatically increase awareness about your event, and ultimately, improve turnout.

Next, create content that gets people excited about your event and prompts them to share it. Make a short video promoting your event and leverage it by posting to your Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and Web site. Include the video in your e-mails about the event. Make it entertaining and something that people want to share. It should provide the event details and contact information so people can RSVP if they’re interested. Focus on the value for attendees and mention what folks will gain by attending. Also use images to promote your event. Photo posts are the most shared posts on Facebook and you can use them on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to tie in those networks as well.

Lastly, create sharable content in the form of a blog post or PDF that provides something valuable to attendees. If your event is a trunk show or launch of a new line, you could share style tips or fitting tips from the manufacturer and add your own flair. Give attendees something to take away that leaves them interested in attending to learn more.

Events can be costly, so make sure you’re taking advantage of the free social media tools that exist to increase your chances for a great turnout!

Jessica Clark is a social media consultant for small business and an eight-year optical industry marketing veteran.

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