Ten years since its initial inception and five years after the campaign’s launch, Think About Your Eyes has grown to become the campaign supporting the entire vision industry by encouraging the public to get an annual eye exam.

Think About Your Eyes’ impact speaks volumes. This year alone, 95% of the target audience was exposed to Think About Your Eyes advertising through TV commercials, radio ads, online banner ads and paid search. In 2017, the efforts resulted in 3.4 million eye exams, resulting in estimated industry revenue of more than $750 million from exam fees and follow-on purchases. Last year also saw the first new creative elements to the campaign since 2008, the creation of new commercials themed around “Seeing is a Gift,” celebrating the inspirational aspect of sight.

Currently, 45 state optometric associations support the campaign, resulting in more than 20,000 listings on the TAYE online locator. This means that patients around the country are likely to find an eye doctor near them after being directed to the TAYE website through an ad, article or social media post.

At this point, 93% of the campaign’s funding comes from 21 industry partners, who are shouldering the financial cost of something that helps the whole industry. Additional partners supporting the campaign mean reaching more people more often with the TAYE message. It means more commercials on most-watched TV shows and channels, more radio ads and more media relations efforts to keep the message about annual eye exams in the news. It means more visitors to the doctor locator through paid search and more people being exposed to TAYE Facebook posts and becoming invested in their vision health.

Our industry partners understand and share the vision of TAYE that by supporting a program that encourages the public to have annual eye exams we can do well by doing good. The 2018 partners are: American Optometric Association, The Vision Council, Alcon, Essilor, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Luxottica, All About Vision, The Compliancy Group, Eschenbach, First Vision Media Group, GUNNAR, Hilco Vision, Jobson Media Group, National Vision, Optolec, Shamir, SpecialEyes, Transitions, Vision Expo, Walman and WestGroupe.

TAYE will continue to have significant impact on American’s eyes and lives, and we’re excited about that prospect. When additional support is provided from industry players who have yet to take advantage of the opportunity, I can only imagine the lives we will enhance. I can’t stress enough the opportunity before us today for our industry and our profession to join together to make a real difference in improved healthcare and industry.

Steve Loomis, OD, is past president of the American Optometric Association and outgoing chairman of Think About Your Eyes. He practices in Littleton, CO. First Vision Media Group is a media partner of Think About Your Eyes.


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