Five new progressive lens designs from VSP Optics Group address the needs of multiple patients.

VSP Optics Group’s Unity Via Progressive Lenses were designed to make the change from distance to near as smooth as possible. It calculates the natural movement the eye takes in all gaze directions providing patients with clear vision at every point in the lens.

The portfolio includes five new options. The Unity Via provides larger reading areas for entry-level progressive wearers, incorporating Automatic Reading Height Optimization and Variable Inset technologies. Automatic Reading Height Optimization automatically calculates corridor lengths by an internal algorithm, providing a continuous range of progression lengths. This allows it to fit different PDs, facial structures and frame styles while maintaining a generous reading area. Variable Inset technology provides improved binocular vision while reading, allowing for a larger reading area and increased comfort when going from near to far.

For previous progressive wearers who have had difficulty adapting, the Unity Via Plus adds Digital Viewpoint Technology to minimize peripheral distortion and optimize power at every point in the lens. It is based on an advanced, three-dimensional calculation model that accounts for the “as worn” position of the lens and natural eye movement. These technologies are also in the Unity Via Wrap for high wrap frames and the Unity Via Mobile for patients who use mobile devices more than four hours daily.

The Unity Via Elite includes all these technologies plus Advanced Fit Technology, which provides superior binocular near vision through an ultra-precise location of the near reference point, allowing for faster adaptation, a larger reading area and visual comfort, according to the company.

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