VSP has designed two free-form lenses exclusively for digital devices.

Mobile devices provide a direct link to a host of business and personal communication, and entertainment features. While mobile devices have clear displays, their images, fonts, and details are small so they are held closer than a laptop. With mobile devices, users still need their full range of vision to navigate their world, but they also need a lens that accommodates a unique viewing range.

Designed entirely for use with mobile devices, VSP Optics Group’s UNITY PLxtra Mobile and UNITY PLx Mobile progressive lenses have been optimized for the shorter near viewing distance that mobile users need. The lenses provide magnification to increase clarity, reduce eye fatigue, and deliver exceptional vision on mobile device screens.

UNITY Mobile progressive designs incorporate VSP’s Cascade™ Technology which provides variable base curve technology that delivers lens customization and “great visual satisfaction,” according to VSP.

PLx Mobile and PLxtra Mobile lenses are available in an array of materials and options including CR-39, CR-39 Transitions, CR-39 polarized, polycarbonate, polycarbonate Transitions, polycarbonate polarized, Trivex, Trivex Transitions, 1.60, 1.60 Transitions, 1.60 polarized, 1.67, and 1.67 Transitions. Powers range from -15.00D to +7.00D (depending on material choice) in adds of +0.50D to +4.50D and cylinder up to -6.00D.

With the near universal appeal of mobile devices, these UNITY lenses might be just what your patients need.


• Designed specifically for use with mobile devices
• Have a wide range of materials and treatments
• An expanded mobile device viewing area
• Comfortable viewing distance
• Available in free-form with position-of-wear designs
• Offer full vision range for daily life
• Available at no additional charge to the patient or practice.

John Seegers is a licensed optician at Ryan Vision Center in Henrico, VA.

VSP Optics Group // vspopticsgroup.com/unity


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