Field Jacket’s Rxable lenses and Flight Jacket’s uniquely functional shape are the latest from Oakley, and both feature Oakley Advancer, which lets athletes control the airflow.

In the continued evolution of Oakley’s sport performance eyewear, the company’s newest, Field Jacket and Flight Jacket, both feature Oakley Advancer, a new airflow innovation that combats fog and overheating. With the simple pull of a toggle, athletes can harness cooling airflow on demand.

Field Jacket is available in Rx, while Flight Jacket’s open-edge brow maximizes the upper field of view, creating a completely unique frame shape. About the Rxable Field Jacket, Will Conk, Oakley global product director said, “Oakley always keeps athletes with prescription needs in mind when developing products to exceed the uncompromising demands of sport performance. The Field Jacket is a perfect example of that – by not only merging an aerodynamic design with innovative features but also pairing the sunglasses with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses and Prizm lens technology for the ultimate performance optical clarity.”


Here’s how Ryan Barnes, general manager of Visioncare Arkansas and co-founder of Elite Sports Vision Academy, of Conway, AR, sees it: “Oakley Prizm eyewear is changing how athletes at all levels ‘see’ their sport. Vision plays a vital role in an athlete’s ability to perform at the highest level. In our sports vision training facility we demonstrate and encourage our athletes to wear and use the best sports eyewear available. Oakley’s Prizm technology has given us a product we can use in conjunction with our high level training to help our athletes develop game-changing vision.”

The Oakley Advancer airflow control toggle is another major advancement in both the new Field Jacket and Flight Jacket. “Sunglass fogging and overheating are common problems that athletes of all levels experience while on the bike, and Oakley set out to solve that problem with the launch of Flight Jacket and Field Jacket,” said Alison Jones, Oakley global product marketing director. “With the Oakley Advancer, a first of its kind innovative technology, athletes can now focus on their performance and not the conditions around them.”

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