After 16 years of editing Vision Care Product News (VCPN), it’s time for new frontiers. No, I’m not leaving First Vision Media Group (FVMG), but it is time for some new assignments. If you know me, you know that I love new horizons. The best thing you can give me is a challenge, some resources and a deadline, and that’s what I’ll be working on in the future.

As of January 2017, my role here at FVMG will focus on developing new ideas and working on new projects. In order to do this, I’ll be stepping down from my role with Vision Care Product News and leaving that task to the very capable vice president of editorial, John Sailer, the highly talented writers we’ve assembled over the years and the FVMG team. I’ve worked with this dedicated group of professionals for years, and I’m confident the publication will continue bringing you the newest product information you’ve come to expect. I’ll continue to contribute articles to the magazine, but the strategic leadership of the publication will now rest with John. Next year you’ll find me listed on the masthead as editor emeritus, a title I’ll be proud to have as I continue working with FVMG.

As you might imagine, I make this move with a sigh. VCPN’s publisher, Frank Giammanco, came to me in the spring of 2000 with an idea for an optical journal that focused exclusively on optical and ophthalmic products and asked me to be the editor of the publication. I had worked with Frank on a continuing education project several years before and we developed a good professional relationship. I accepted Frank’s offer and we created the pilot for VCPN during the summer months. We took the pilot to Vision Expo West that year and it received rave reviews.

The magazine debuted in January 2001 and we’ve been publishing it ever since. It’s changed over the years just as we have, but its core mission is still the same, to bring optical people the information they need to know about the products and services they use daily. I’m proud of what we’ve done with VCPN, and as I move on to other projects, I’ll continue to make contributions to this publication, hopefully for a very long time.

I am not retiring. My wife is convinced that I have no concept of the word and will never retire. She’s right, I’m simply adjusting my work plan. When you see me at some optical event, please say hello. I’ll enjoy talking with you.

Thanks for your support all these years. VCPN wouldn’t be what it is today without you . . . and neither would I.
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