French eyewear brand Lafont, recognized by its unmistakably chic style, celebrates its 30th year in North America with a commemorative sunglass as well as special events across the country. “Our 30th anniversary in the American optical market marks a huge milestone for a continual creative brand such as ours,” said Ray Khalil, president of Lafont North America. The company was established by Louis Lafont in 1923 as a small boutique in the Madeleine district of Paris; frames are crafted in France’s Jura region with the Origin of France Guarantee (OFG). It was Philippe and Laurence Lafont (Louis’s grandson and his wife, respectively) who recognized the American consumer was ready for a sophisticated look and began supplying it to the U.S. market in 1987. Launched at Vision Expo East in March, Lafont’s limited run—only 400—of sunglasses named “THIRTY” features a black, stainless and acetate frame that is embellished with cut-outs of the Statue of Liberty on one temple and the Eiffel Tower on the other. “People who have Lafont frames know they are Lafont frames,” said Sam Morgenstern, an optician at The Optical Shoppe in Princeton, NJ, which carries the brand. “No one is going to mistake a Lafont frame for something else.”


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