Twice a year, before each big fashion season, The Vision Council reviews hundreds of frames, along with trend forecasting information from WGSN, and maps out the top themes and star styles to produce its Eyecessorize interactive digital trend kit. The kit targets editors at consumer magazines, newspapers and websites, with downloadable images to share with readers. VCPN worked with the head of the Eyecessorize project, Lindsey Ruhe, The Vision Council’s marketing and communications manager, fashion, who culled eyewear that represents each of the four themes: Eras Recollected, New Age Athleticism, Posh Peculiarity and Stark Sophistication.


ERAS RECOLLECTED Frame manufacturers are smitten with the charm of old-school styles, whether the round and oval shapes inspired by the roaring ’20s , cat eyes from the ’60s or aviators from the ’70s. For 2017, other classic oldies such as studious squares and traditional wayfarers get updated as well. Earthy palettes of burnt oranges, coppers and tortoises are among the hues, which will be enhanced by floral motifs, bold bridges, gemstone appliqués, all-wire constructions and tinted lenses, Ruhe said. Women’s choices in this genre will be ultra-feminine, with glamour taking center stage.

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NEW AGE ATHLETICISM Many patients embrace sporty looks, even if they’re just grocery shopping-athleisure frames are more popular than ever, said Ruhe. Protective wraparounds are popular, along with chunky and oversized round and rectangle frames. Colors are highly pigmented and upbeat, among them sunny yellows, bright aquas and citrus oranges. Sports-specific details include rubberized effects, color blocking, translucence, flat-top bridges, and colored, reflective or tinted lenses.

Nouveau Eyewear, Hot Kiss, HK24
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SPY, Flynn


POSH PECULIARITY Quirky hues and one-of-a-kind details dominate this trend. Round, geometric and shield frames might have daring bridges, cut-outs, bold jewels or splattered and digitized springs. Gradient and patterned lenses add other elements of surprise. Colors are a statement in themselves; think lavender, royal purples, neon reds, brightened emeralds and luxe golds..

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STARK SOPHISTICATION These frames may look simple, but they’re inherently complex, clean constructions with subtle industrial-inspired details for big impact, said Ruhe. “Don’t let the muted palette and streamlined profiles fool you — these styles give a whole new meaning to modernism,” she emphasized. These industrial-influenced frames come in geometric- and aviator-inspired silhouettes, as well as fluid rounds, and angular rectangles and squares. As for color, think chill, like crystal clear, milky gray, serious black and smoky blue. They make their statements subtly, with minimalist elements such as see-through, matte and metallic finishes, double and flat-top bridges, contemporary patterns, cut-outs, two-toned colorations, textured finishes and flat lenses.

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