The tasteful color combination of translucent havana and transparent crystal in Safilo’s Gucci for Men Style No. 1080 is perfect for the contemporary male.
Candie’s C Coral from Marcolin boasts temples designed with a lacy pattern embedded in the transparent acetate temples.
The feminine fandango color in Vera Wang’s Magnifique from Kenmark features a see-through effect.
Style No. JMC 425 in ClearVision’s Jessica McClintock collection adds playful styling with colors like berry horn.

The polar opposite of opaque, transparent color is used to create many looks.

Transparent colors used in acetate eyewear allow the natural beauty of the wearer to shine through. The onlooker may see her facial features first and the eyewear second or both at the same time. When the size of the eyewear is larger or the shape is different from what we see every day, transparent color combinations make the eyewear fun to wear for those who are not so daring to make change.

Clear color choices used in eyewear today are infinite, especially when the eyewear is crafted of lightweight and attractive acetate. Solid colors and solid color combinations are endless and the end result may vary from unobtrusive to high-profile, depending on the palette of color chosen.

Check out the Vera Wang Magnifique by Kenmark Group. The feminine fandango color features a see-through effect and creates an oh-so-fashionable look for her.

Styles that are inspired by the past are updated with today’s manufacturing techniques, modern materials, and endless color options. Colors can transform the original look from yesteryear to the popular designs of today.

An example is Gucci Style No. 1080 within the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Eyewear Collection for Men by Safilo. The look is classic, the feel is retro, yet the style is modern. The tasteful color combination of translucent havana and transparent crystal is perfect for the contemporary male.

Within the Candie’s Eyewear collection by Marcolin USA, women’s Style C Coral is a beauty that is available in three colors. The temples are designed with a lacy pattern embedded in the transparent acetate temples. This allows the wearer’s skin tone to shine through on the sides. The flattering color of the temples is revealed in the acetate in a lace-like pattern which complements the frame front. The end result is playful and fun.

If you work with kids, you know that elementary-school-age children want to be tweens, tweens want to be teens, and teens want to be adults in their fashion and eyewear choices. The transparent trend for adults is mirrored in the kids’ market, too. Clear colors are less distracting for the wearer, and that’s a good thing since kids are often preoccupied and have shorter attention spans than adults. We want them to look and feel great and transparent colors do that.

The designers for Jessica McClintock Eyewear for Girls by ClearVision Optical have kept this in mind and created eyewear for the upcoming woman. This girly-girl fashionable collection features a palette of pastel colors. Style No. JMC 425, for instance, inspired by the hip cat-eye shape, adds playful styling with colors like berry horn, black multi, and purple horn.

Transparent eyewear color has a lot to offer wearers. While its color may be transparent, the looks created with it are solid winners.

Jackie O’Keefe is a writer, speaker, course preparer, and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.


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