Transitions Adaptive Sunwear Seminar

Adaptive Sunglasses for Your Patients’ Maximum Visual Advantage


For many people who live in the U.S., participation sports are not just a hobby. They’re a passion. In fact, in 2011, more than 141 million people took part in their favorite outdoor sports and almost half of that group did so at least once a week, according to the Outdoor Foundation. Hence, the visual performance needs of your sports-centric patients are more demanding than ever before. Golfers, runners and other weekend warriors have vision requirements that set them uniquely apart from other patients.

To better understand this breed of patient and the vision solutions available to accommodate them, a special panel discussion, sponsored by Transitions Adaptive Sunwear, was conducted at Vision Expo West, Las Vegas, on Friday, October 4, 2013.

The discussion explored the dynamics of building and managing a sports vision practice, the technology behind adaptive lenses, and color science applications – understanding color optimization for peak sports performance.

Moderated by Frank Giammanco of First Vision Media Group, Inc., the panel discussion included some of the leading figures in sports vision management today. You can hear many of their comments, as featured in the podcasts below.

Peter Kehoe, OD Keith Smithson, OD Fraser Horn, OD
Panel speakers (left to right): Lenski, Kehoe, Giammanco, Smithson, and Horn. The seminar generated a standing room only audience.
Grady Lenski, Director of Adjacencies,
Transitions Optical
The panel at Vision Expo West.
Panel members
Fraser Horn, OD
Chair-elect of the AOA Sports Vision SectionKeith Smithson, OD
NoVA Doctors of OptometryPeter Kehoe, OD
Kehoe Eye CareGrady Lenski, Director of Adjacencies,
Transitions OpticalModerated by Frank Giammanco,
President & CEO, First Vision Media Group



Grady Lenski discusses the need
and opportunity to dispense
Transitions Adaptive Sunglasses.
Fraser Horn explains the relevance of
color science and why it’s meaningful
to athletes.
Keith Smithson on educating
yourself and your patients in a
sports vision practice.
Fraser Horn and Keith Smithson talk
about adaptive sunwear technology
and its advantages for sports patients.
Fraser Horn addresses the issue of
performance frame fit and why it’s
important in sports.
Peter Kehoe discusses frame fit
and UV for motorcycle riders.
Peter Kehoe talks about promoting
sports eyewear in his practice.