Today’s high-tech tracers have bells and whistles that will make lens finishing simple. 

GO SOLO AIT’s Continuum Solo Satellite Tracer

FAST AND 3D Excelon CFR-4000 Tracer by Coburn

RIMLESS READY National Optronics’ 4Tx

IN STYLUS Santinelli’s XtremeD LT-1200

There are several tracers on the market now that make lens tracing quicker, more accurate, and more efficient. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

The Continuum Solo Satellite Tracer from AIT Industries, Inc. offers accuracy and precision in a remote tracing environment. It only takes three buttons to operate the tracer, making it easy to use in a retail environment. The

Continuum Solo Satellite Tracer can trace frames, patterns, and demo lenses, and its features include automatic calibration and 3D tracing, in addition to eye measurement transposition. The tracer can connect to either the Continuum Solo Edger or a personal computer. It is compliant to work with all major software management systems and Vision Web (a free Vision Web software module is included with the purchase of a Continuum Solo Satellite Tracer).

The Alta XLd from Briot USA uses Smart Design Technology to capture even the most intricate of shapes. It can recognize four frame dimensions, including the frame thickness, to better fit the lens in the frame circle. It can trace the right eye and/or the left eye and measure the frame PD and bridge. A centering cross indicates decentration, whether it’s a single vision, progressive, or bifocal lens. Using optical recognition software, the Alta XLd can reduce the amount of time spent tracing and offer fast and accurate shape capture for custom jobs. Its library of shapes includes 500 jobs and 2,000 internal shapes (patterns, drilled shapes, etc.), with multiple search functions.

The Excelon CFR-4000 Tracer from Coburn Technologies, Inc. features fully automatic 3D tracing and fast tracing of frames, patterns, and lenses. With Left-Eye, Right-Eye, or Complete tracing modes, this tracer can perform real-time automatic data and frame PD transfers to the edger.

The 4Tx from National Optronics is the company’s latest model, replacing the 4Ti. It has a 2,000-pt. resolution encoder, as well as 3D tracing, and can store over 100 frame shapes. It can trace both lenses for an accurate DBL measurement. The 4Tx is designed for tracing a wide range of frame styles, curves, and small designs. An integrated monitor and keypad can provide the operator with a traced shape image and the ability to input data in a compact and industrial design, respectively. The unit features easy, upright loading, which can help avoid shape distortion. A rimless shape modifier includes editing tools, allowing users to create custom designs.

The XtremeD LT-1200 from Santinelli International, Inc. is a plug-and-play tracer with a 10.4-in., tiltable, color touch screen that provides the operator with a quick confirmation of traced data, as well as other pertinent information. The LT-1200 is fully automatic, uses 3D technology, and can trace high-curve frames. It can reproduce digitized frame data regardless of frame curve with software that can calculate the effect of the curve on the frame size. It features variable fulcrum stylus engineering, keeping a perpendicular angle to the frame at any curve.

The stylus exhibits 50% less pressure from stylus tip to bezel of frame groove than previous models, providing heightened accuracy with less durable frame styles. The tip of the stylus is constructed from durable Tungsten-carbide material. The Shape Editing Mode allows the operator to adjust by quadrant “a,” “b,” “dbl,” and “circ” dimensions of rimless and semi-rimless eyewear. The frame curve and frame angle can be verified and also adjusted by individual frame.

Carol Gilhawley is a former Senior Editor of VCPN.


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