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Cyclists and motorcyclists alike require protective sunwear that enhances their riding experience under just about any conditions.

While a high level of care and artisanship goes into designing all eyewear, cyclists and motorcyclists bring with them unique criteria that only the most expert producers can meet. Here are several companies at the forefront of this market.


ASSOS, a joint engineering venture between ASSOS Centro Studio and Carl Zeiss Vision, describes itself not as an eyewear company, but rather as a “cycling body R&D and refinement laboratory.” The company focuses strictly on eyewear, and the Zhego collection, which includes five styles, was developed through a process that included 22 steps and 37 individuals. “With no distortion and unobstructed views, ASSOS Zegho/Carl Zeiss eyewear is built for the avid cyclist,” says Hans Bergman, director sales and marketing, ASSOS North America.

Bollé’s 6th Sense suns help the company keep its position as a real player when it comes to cycling. “From lenses to frames to the smallest details, Bollé Competitor Cycling sunglasses use the latest and best advancements in performance eyewear,” says Bill Yerby, director of sales and marketing, Bushnell Eyewear.

From SMITH, the PivLock series of performance shield sunglasses maintains its popular standing within the cycling community, primarily due to the collection’s lightweight, durable, and simplified design. “SMITH has created a unique interchangeable

lens system that is intuitive and easy to use, while also considering the needs of the cyclist by creating inte-

gration into helmets,” says Kate Gaeir, manager, public relations, SMITH.

Few frames really say “speed” like SPY’s Daft. “It’s fast on the front when you’re hammering, and the functionality of a rimless shield sunglass allows you to take in the full view of the road, especially in a TT (time trial) position,” says Phil Tinstman, performance brand manager, SPY.

New to Native Eyewear’s repertoire is Ward, a frame made with castor oil, which maintains its shape even in extreme temperatures. It fits well under helmets, and is described by the company as being a crossover between traditional performance and lifestyle sunwear. “Ward has features that allow wearers to enjoy the peace of mind of superior protection, exceptional performance, and a comfortable fit,” says Al Perkinson, vice president, marketing, Native Eyewear.

Time To Vent

Since cyclists may prefer vented lenses to avoid fogging while motorcyclists may not want such a feature, Tifosi is on the scene with the Pro Escalate Optics, a kit that includes interchangeable full-frame, half-frame, and shield lenses. “Tifosi Pro Escalate maintains the key Tifosi Value Proposition: incredibly great product at an equally great price,” says Joe Earley, co-founder and CEO,
Tifosi Optics.

From protection to visual acuity to contrast sensitivity and more, the evil eye collection from adidas eyewear offers athletes the outdoor protection they need in a sunglass. The evil eye evo pro style includes adjustable tri-fit temples that break away from the frame if they are rolled on as well as wraparound, interchangeable light stabilizing lenses. “We have outfitted Race Across America bike racers, world class mountain bikers, Olympic runners, top PGA golfers, as well as weekend warriors trying to keep up with the kids,” says Mike Brull, manager, brand development/US retail sales, adidas eyewear.


For a comfortable fit under a motorcycling helmet, wearers can now turn to the Rider Collection, from Liberty Sport. Its rose amber Rxable sunset driver lens has a raised rim for retention. “With the success seen in our other frames that utilize magnetic technology for motorcycle enthusiasts, we identified the opportunity to expand our collection to offer them ANSI Z-87-rated sunwear merged with a technology solution to protect their eyes from all the elements,” says Anthony M. DiChiara, president, Liberty Sport.

A favorite in the motorcycling world, the new WX Tide is part of Wiley X, Inc.’s Climate Control series. The Rxable style features the company’s patented, removable, soft-foam Facial Cavity seal, blocking out wind, dust, and debris. “Wiley X has a long tradition of providing “˜Absolute. Premium. Protection.’ to motorcycle riders with our patented foam, and the new WX Tide is no exception,” says Myles Freeman, Jr., co-owner of Wiley X.

As cyclists and motorcyclists search for ideal sunwear known, educate them with the protective features offered by these companies.

Rachel Bozek is a freelance writer who includes the optical field as one of her areas of expertise.


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