A patented hinge and cable system keeps REM’s SPINE Eyewear perfectly in place.

REM Eyewear’s new SPINE collection for men features a patented segmented hinge and cable system that flexes the temples in all directions, including inward, securely holding the frame in place on the wearer’s head. Gone is the constant pushing of the glasses back up on the bridge that so often is a problem with frames. With eight ophthalmics and four suns in the spring line, the SPINE collection incorporates acetate, aluminum, and stainless steel in black, brown, tortoise, light and dark gunmetal, matte gun, havana, and crystal hues. The sunglass styles also sport an anti-reflective coating.

The development of SPINE Eyewear is a global collaboration between REM, Canadian supplier Centennial, and Mondottica’s UK- and Hong Kong-based companies. This combination of effort and talent has produced a fashionable collection with high-quality features. To support the line, REM offers a logo plaque, a four-panel countercard, and a lenticular countercard.

SPINE brings a new level of functional technology to eyewear with its remarkable fit and performance for the tech-savvy wearer. Keeping eyewear in the right place is key when a patient is active as well as for the correct fit of progressive lenses. Every relationship has a little tension, and SPINE Eyewear has the perfect amount of it to give the wearer’s head just the right hug.


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