Oil-based paint pens can be used to create unique designs on the temples.
IZOD Personalized Eyewear offers four handmade acetate styles.
OPTIONS IN CUSTOMIZATION There are a few other companies that have customization available in other ways. Oakley Custom, for example, allows patients to choose their frame style, color, frame finish, lens tint, and more. Bellinger’s Kamaeleon has frame fronts in all styles along with hundreds of interchangeable temple designs that the customer can choose from. Mattisse Eyewear from Newlight Eyewear creates colorful acetate frames with one-of-a-kind, handpainted finishes as well as matte finishes in dozens of styles.
Patients looking for unique, handpainted finishes have several options, including Mattisse Eyewear from Newlight Eyewear.

We see options for personalization in products like computers, sneakers, cellphone covers, and jewelry, so why not eyewear?

Adding to the possibilities within the world of personalization for consumers, frames can now be dyed into the customized color (or colors) of the patient’s choosing. The IZOD collection of Personalized Eyewear, available from ClearVision Optical, brings eyewear frame personalization to your office with this simple-yet clever-process.

The collection offers four handmade acetate styles in classic to contemporary shapes, each offering generous B measurements that can accommodate progressive lenses. While the IZOD personalized collection is targeted to men, each shape is gaining popularity among women who are seeking clear frames with bold temples. To create a personalized color, an ECP can use a standard eyewear lens tinting machine and optical lens dye to custom-dye clear fronts to just about any color. You can also draw on the fronts with Sharpie markers, Hint of Tint, or similar products.

Available in nine opaque colors, the lightweight temples are made of TR-90. A unique temple sleeve construction allows for easy temple changes without touching the spring hinge-you just have to loosen the temple trim screw. Also, the temples include an adjustable wire core in the tips. Patients can buy extra temple pairs to change their look. Using oil-based paint pens (check with your local hobby store), the ECP or the patient can create designs on the temples to further personalize them.

What colors can you produce? Just about any color is at your disposal. Your objective is not to make the frames a dark opaque color-it’s to add the appeal of transparent color to the frame.

ClearVision tested many dyes and systems before launching this line, so there is no guesswork as to which dyes work best. You will need a larger four-vat tinting unit (large enough for the frame fronts to fit into), BPI Tints from Brain Power, Inc. (found to be the most consistent in their color transfer and consistency), and Sharpie oil-based paint pens. You’ll also need a marker remover like All Off™ Marking Ink Remover Solution from OptiSource International. This will help remove frame markings you’ve made. Remember to be very careful, using only a small amount on a tissue or cotton swab, and rub very gently so you don’t harm the frame or temples.

To color the fronts, remove the temples and make sure your tint unit is 150°, not the normal 200°F used for lenses. Make sure your dye is mixed and start dunking. You are only limited by your imagination for colors, patterns, gradients, fades, and other effects. What you cannot do easily is lighten the frame, so check results constantly. ClearVision recommends using a Chip Clip (available at most convenience or grocery stores) for holding the frame while creating gradient designs, from top to bottom or side by side.

After achieving your desired color, place the front in cool water to rinse, then pat dry with a paper towel. Make sure you don’t get the frame too hot, as you don’t want to pit the finish.

ClearVision’s IZOD Personalized collection has opened a door to eyewear personalization that makes eyewear frames an individual expression.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical in Phoenix, AZ.


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