First Vision Media Group Joins the Campaign

For years, many people in the optical industry wondered, “Why can’t we train everyone to get an annual eye exam just like dentists taught their patients to get a dental check-up twice a year?” That’s a great question, and it now has a better answer.

Think About Your Eyes is a multi-million dollar, prime-time public awareness initiative with one goal, to encourage the public to get an annual eye exam. Advertising is broadcast on cable television networks, on drive-time radio in every U.S. market and on Pandora and Spotify. Digital banner ads run on over 2,000 websites. All Think About Your Eyes ads have a simple call to action”•to make an appointment for your annual comprehensive eye exam. Those reached can then go to to find a doctor in their area.

Think About Your Eyes is working! Since its nationwide launch in 2013, more than 2,700,000 people have visited the Think About Your Eyes website for more information and to search for a doctor. A conservative analysis of data from VisionWatch for 2015 alone showed that the Think About Your Eyes initiative drove 828,000 incremental exams to the U.S. market, with a total value of $320 million in clinical fees and follow-up purchases, from a campaign with total funding of less than $10 million. These results are gratifying, but our goal is to more than double our funding and increase our influence on our target demographic, educate them about eye health and ultimately change their behavior.

The campaign is funded by contributions from 18 industry partner companies and associations, including the American Optometric Association. Our industry partners range from some of the largest companies in optical to several of the smallest. Common to all is a belief that we need to change public behavior and a willingness to step up and contribute to grow the industry and support their customers.

Currently, more than 16,000 practices support the campaign through a listing on the website locator. Over 30 state optometric associations have purchased a listing for every active member, with more states joining regularly. Not only is the locator delivering patients directly, but it also offers a great benefit by improving a doctor’s ranking in local Google searches.

In addition to industry companies and practitioners, the campaign is supported by media partners who see the value in our campaign’s mission and promote our message to the optical industry. The newest media partner is First Vision Media Group, publisher of Vision Care Product News, Optometric Office and Optical Lab Products. We are grateful and honored by their support.

Jon Torrey is executive director of Think About Your Eyes. Think About Your Eyes is an industry-funded public awareness initiative promoting the importance of an annual eye exam and overall vision health. First Vision Media Group supports Think About Your Eyes as a media partner.


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