It’s show time! Well at least it’s that time of year when there seems to be one meeting after another in the optical field. Some of the big ones coming up are MIDO in Milan (Feb. 24-26; see our interview with the current president Giovanni Vitaloni on page 33), SECO in Atlanta (March 2-4) and Vision Expo East in New York City (March 16-18).

Additionally, the Essilor National Sales Meeting was held in Austin (Jan. 7-9), Opti in Munich (Jan. 12-14), The Vision Council Executive Summit in San Diego (Jan. 24-26) and Transitions Academy in Orlando (Feb. 11-14).

That’s a lot of meetings and shows packed into the first few months of the year, which is why every new year starts off as “show time” for those in the eyecare and eyewear business. After having been invited to attend many of these meetings and events, I learned why it’s “show time” for other reasons, specifically television advertising.

In Austin, during the Essilor National Sales Meeting, the company announced that its 2018 national television advertising campaign was launching that week and on such a large scale that one spot would be shown every ten minutes. If you’ll recall, Essilor unveiled its television campaign at Vision Expo West this past fall promoting the Ultimate Lens Package, which combines three new products (Varilux X, Crizal Sapphire 360° UV and Eyezen+ 0 lenses) with Transitions Signature VII.

The 2018 Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) national public awareness campaign is also taking advantage of television advertising and was launched the week of January 15th. Research on TAYE’s “Seeing is a Gift” creative messaging, which was first introduced last summer and runs through 2018, indicates that 7 in 10 respondents said they were likely or very likely to schedule an annual eye exam after viewing. The current plan, which also includes radio, social media and website advertising, is expected to reach 95% of the target audience (adults age 30-39) over the course of the year, encouraging the public to schedule an annual eye exam with their optometrist.

Zyloware’s Randy Jackson Eyewear line has even showed up in television advertising when the former American Idol celebrity appeared in a Geico commercial as a judge of a “dawg” competition.

Others in the optical field continue embracing video as well. A few months ago, VCPN published an article about how some eyecare professional practices are using video to reach prospective patients (Make a Promotional Video – And Make It Work for You).

A search for just the word “eyewear” online at the Vimeo and YouTube video-sharing sites returns a lengthy list of video commercials.

While print publications remain the foundation of our parent company, First Vision Media Group, VCPN also offers opportunities to share promotional videos. We post videos on our website, on our own YouTube channel and on our Facebook page, which is quickly approaching 5,000 followers.

So, if it’s show time for your company, and if you are among those that are using videos to promote your products and services, feel free to send them to us so we can share them with our readers on these various platforms. You’ll be in good company.

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