Impact resistant and durable, Tribrid lenses take the benefits of Trivex to a new level.


Available from Global Optics as semi-finished single vision lenses, Tribrid lenses are compatible with digital processing and are offered in a wide range of the latest, highly customized free-form progressive designs. In addition, Tribrid lenses are compatible with anti-reflective coatings, allowing eyecare professionals (ECPs) to offer a cutting-edge, high-technology-bundled product: a unique lens material in a fully customized design with an advanced, vision-enhancing AR coating.

Back story

The recently launched Tribrid lens material from PPG merges elements of Trivex material’s proven chemistry with traditional high-index technology. While Tribrid material offers a similar combination of benefits as Trivex, it expands the Trivex material family by making these desirable attributes available to patients with higher prescriptions.

WOW Factor

While Trivex material and polycarbonate are still the most impact-resistant lenses available at more than 400 times the FDA requirements, Tribrid lenses now offer ECPs a durable option for patients with stronger prescriptions at approximately 160 times the FDA requirement. In addition, Tribrid material is an ideal option for drill mount frames, sharing some characteristics with Trivex material. Tribrid lenses also block 100% UV radiation, providing protection and contributing to long-term eye health.

Tribrid lens material is the latest evolution of lens material technology from PPG, the inventor of CR-39 and Trivex lens materials. It is available now in the U.S. through Global Optics. Patient brochures and point-of-sale displays are available through PPG.

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