From suns to ophthalmics and acetates to metals, a season of lively colors is upon us.

Spring is nothing if not a time for colors that evoke happiness, newness, brightness, and, well, fun. Eyewear companies across the board clearly kept this in mind when they planned out their spring 2014 releases, as evidenced by the range of styles and shapes available in colors that can only be described as springy.

Arnette brings sport and fashion together like no one else. In the spirit of that approach, Joe Freitag, global brand director, describes the company’s newest releases. “Each collection features several new frames with vibrant colorways and unique innovative designs that not only separate us from other brands in our space, but also gives our consumers a variety of styles that are sure to fit their individual lifestyles,” he says.

SPY Optics also brings form and function together, particularly with its Spectra lens colors. Juliette Koh, product director for SPY, says, “Not only do SPY’s Spectra colors stand out, but they also have additional performance benefits during different activities and light conditions.”

L’Amy America’s Nicole Miller collection celebrates proverbial new beginnings at the other end of the spring spectrum. “Easy-to-wear, modern shapes, and beautiful spring colors are the hallmark of the new Nicole Miller styles,” notes Cheryl Canning, Nicole Miller brand manager at L’Amy. “Designed for the modern woman, the styling will appeal to women from 16 to 50 with Nicole’s aesthetic.”

The spring/summer sensibility can reveal itself through both retro-inspired and brand-new styles. Katy Verbugge, graphic design and marketing, Ogi Eyewear, asserts, “Each frame features detailed texture and color in the inlaid panels that blend harmoniously together with Japanese titanium.”

Some pastels are enhanced by a transparent element. And whether it’s more of a single-color-at-a-time look, or a light-dark combination, the see-through feature is undeniably right for spring and summer. “Pastel colors were a key trend on the fashion runways for spring/summer 2014,” comments Beverly Suliteanu, vice president of product development, WestGroupe. “The fresh, feminine palette is a perfect fit for our FyshUK collection and we used this for both primary coloring as well as accent details.”

Darin Dennee, TOMS eyewear category director, explains, “The goal is for the brand’s signature temple stripes to become so iconic that any hint of this coloration on an eyeglass or sunglass frame will instantly trigger affiliation with the One for One™ giving model and the continued need to help others through commerce.”

Rachel Bozek is a writer and editor who includes the optical field as one of her areas of expertise.


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