Wrap Tech Thin lenses utilize Seiko’s Internal Free-Form technology.
ECPs can offer patients high base wrap frames with excellent optics with Wrap Tech Thin lenses.
Wrap sunwear. It’s prevalent on frame boards everywhere and many patients are drawn to its fashion statement as well as the added benefits of the sun, wind, and debris protection it provides. The roadblock to making it accessible to everyone comes when a patient’s prescription is involved. To deliver proper optics, wrap lenses need to be provided on a steep base curve. They also need to be able to accommodate the patient’s prescription power, which is often limited by the lens material’s index. With Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc.’s Wrap Tech Thin lenses, eyecare professionals (ECPs) can dispense wrap frames with prescription lenses with confidence.

Seiko’s Wrap Tech Thin is a 1.67 high-index plastic that utilizes the company’s Internal Free-Form technology to ensure both a flattering cosmetic appearance and optimum vision. Traditional lenses used in high base wrap frames can have power errors and unwanted astigmatic power across the lens. These errors can cause distorted vision and create a problem of either over- or under-corrected vision in one or both eyes.

In addition, prismatic error can also occur in a traditional lens causing additional visual discomfort and fatigue. Internal Free-Form technology allows Wrap Tech Thin lenses to have corrected power across the lens utilizing panoramic, aspheric, and asymmetric design. As Seiko describes it, this technology creates a 50mm wide “sweet spot” of comfortable vision at the fitting point.

A MEASURING GUIDE When ordering Wrap Tech Thin lenses, it is important to supply accurate measurements, especially frame wrap angle. Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc. makes this easy by supplying a Wrap Tech Thin Order Form with instructions and a measuring guide. You’ll also want to ensure that the lenses will cut out correctly. To accommodate larger wrap-style frame shapes, Wrap Tech Thin lenses are automatically decentered 5mm or 10mm, giving the lens an effective diameter of 80mm or 85mm.
Wrap Tech Thin lenses are available in a 1.67 index of refraction, in both a 6.00D and 8.00D base curve option, and come in a variety of lens treatment options. These two base curve options provide flexibility when choosing curvature that will best suit your patient’s frame choice.

Patients who wish to use a fashion-forward sports frame for their regular eyewear, or who participate in outdoor activities after sunset will be pleased to know the lens is available in a clear version with a durable hardcoat for even the toughest patient. Wrap Tech Thin is also available in a polarized treatment in brown or gray. This lens option will help patients who are outdoor enthusiasts and want to reduce the blinding glare that can occur in bright sunlight, off water, snow, or sand, or off surrounding vehicles when driving.

Another sun option in this lens design includes the Seiko Sportswear Transitions® adaptive sun lenses. These lenses feature a light green-gray G15 color when the patient wears them indoors and changes to an 85% sunglass shade when outdoors and exposed to UV light. This color also tends to leave those colors being viewed in their most natural state. Mirror treatments and anti-reflective treatments are available on all Wrap Tech Thin lenses giving ECPs the ability to customize these lenses to their patients’ wants and needs.

Offering Seiko’s Wrap Tech Thin lenses will enable you to create eyewear for the patient who demands clear, crisp vision in today’s fashionable wrapped frames.

Joy L. Gibb is the owner of Eyes of Joy Mobile Optical Service in Woods Cross, UT.


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