Originally designed to replace a larger, table-mounted staking set, the Shootout Multi-Repair Tool enables eyecare professionals to bring the frame they are working on and the handheld tool closer for easier manipulation.

The kit comes complete with the Shootout tool itself along with a variety of different points and anvils to accomplish a wide range of different repair tasks. Rivets in gold, silver and gunmetal are optional and can be used for replacing a hinge screw.

While the following photo clinic focuses on just one task, punching out a hinge screw, the Shootout Multi-Repair Tool is capable of completing a wide range of other repairs. Using different configurations of the other points and anvils that come with the tool, the Shootout can punch out eyewire screws, flare the end of a screw to secure it into place, and it can even put a screwdriver slot into a screw head that has been completely degraded so you can use a screwdriver to get that screw out and not have to punch out the screw. Here’s how to punch out a hinge screw:

This is the Shootout set up for punching out
a hinge screw with the hinge punch on the
top and one of three different sizes of anvils
on the bottom.
The anvils are different sizes relative to the
inside diameter of the hollow anvil.
The inside diameter of the hollow anvil is
where the head of the screw will go after it
is punched out.
You want to match up the diameter of the anvil
with the diameter of the barrel so the barrel is
supported securely all the way around.
Center the pin and the barrel over the anvil and
at the end of the punchpoint, and then make a
gentle squeeze.
Then you are done, the screw has been
removed, and the temple has been
disconnected from the hinge.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Western Optical Supply, Inc. 800.423.3294 •


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