Nouveau’s iCarly Podcast
features a triple-laminate acetate frame front and anondized, aluminum temples.

The Franca/2 by Kate Spade
for Safilo has a high-definition pattern laminated beneath a crystal top layer.

Original Penguin’s Gondorff from Kenmark boasts temples in colors from years past (shown above in olive).
Continuing their never-ending efforts to find new features that attract eyewear buyers, frame manufacturers have come up with a clever approach in the last couple of years: color.
You’ll find palettes of color and rainbows of hues that attract potential wearers and onlookers right now. Sure, colors that pop like this are appealing, but it’s how the color is created that’s really intriguing. Who knew that there were so many techniques used today when incorporating color into frames?

The Original Penguin® Collection by Kenmark Group uses up to four individual layers of Mazzucchelli acetate. These smooth and colorful layers are sandwiched together and may measure less than 1mm in thickness. Such precise layering is needed to preserve the piping detail that the original iconic Penguin polo shirt possesses. This collection includes the Gondorff model, a popular vintage style that has a pillowed square shape with library-like temples available in colors that represent years past like black, burgundy, gray, olive, and tortoise.

Kate Spade sunwear by Safilo USA is inspired, timeless fashion. The Franca/2 model is reminiscent of the ‘60s with its large black, upswept, and bold frame front. Its look is a real throwback to the Jackie-O days. The technology behind the temple design, however, is modern. These temples are made of triple-laminate acetate, and the unique design features a high-definition pattern laminated beneath a crystal top layer, which adds incredible depth and enhances the pattern.

Charmant’s Style No. CH10957, shown left, is a three-piece drill mount with temples that get their color pattern through the use of transfer paper.

The temples of L’Amy’s Columbia Eliminator Sunglass Collection are made of Hyperlite 90 (Seneca shown here in C02, red-black.)

SKECHERS Style No. SK 2057 from Viva has milled, tapered temples with a three-dimensional, deep vertical stripe design.

SKECHERS Eyewear by Viva International Group offers bold and trendy eyewear for kids with panache. On Style No. SK 2057, the acetate frame front is handmade and double-laminated with fun color combinations like black/magenta, brown/pink, and plum/fuchsia. The tapered temples are milled for a three-dimensional, deep vertical stripe design. A dotted pattern created with a laser continues along the remaining part of the temple.

Check out the iCarly Podcast within Nouveau Eyewear’s Nickelodeon Collection. The frame front features triple-laminate acetate and the temples are made of aluminum, which is anodized allowing the color to naturally come through. This electrolytic process changes the microscopic texture of the aluminum surface and the crystal structure of the metal. In other words, the metal material is exposed to an electrical current and there is a change in color. The longer the anodizing process takes place, the deeper the colors become. The pull-and-twist temples allow the wearer to switch from a plain color on one side and a flowery silk-screened design on the other side.

It’s easy to spot the Vera Bradley brand as the quilted, patterned handbags are so recognizable. The McGee Group’s Vera Bradley line of eyewear is yet another way this identifiable style is reaching women of all ages. Although the Trudy model is attractive, the beauty behind it is technologically driven. The metal frame front makes way for the temples to shine. Made of triple laminate acetate, each layer of color waits patiently to become exposed. Using computer numeric control (CNC) technology, each temple is machined digitally to create vibrant, multi-color patterns. In other words, after the acetate layers are sandwiched together, the outside of the temple is carved out using CNC cutting to show the different colors of the pattern.

World-famous entertainer and fashion designer Daisy Fuentes has a positive influence on young women across the globe. Known for her lifestyle accessories and fragrances, her latest designs now include eyewear. The Peace Love Daisy Eyewear Collection offered by Zyloware Eyewear includes the fashionable Style No. 414. This metal semi-rimless pillowed rectangle incorporates stamped-out temple patterns and sprayed-on color for an incredibly hip effect.

The innovative technology and technique it takes to add color to Style No. CH10957 by Charmant USA is amazing. This beautiful three-piece drill mount is made of high-quality titanium and the temples achieve the color pattern by the use of transfer paper. This material is a printed foil that can be created in any pattern or color and is pressed and heated onto the metal material. Once the color pattern is completed, a protective coating is added for a spectacular finish.

Columbia Sportswear Company is well known for its high-performance footwear, apparel, and accessories for women and men of all ages. The Columbia

Each temple of the Vera Bradley
Trudy style from McGee is machined digitally to create vibrant, multi-color patterns (Trudy in Lime’s Up shown here).
Eliminator Sunglass Collection by L’Amy America upholds these standards. These outdoor-inspired sunglasses offer extreme functionality with cool colors. The aviator-shaped Seneca in red-black pops when worn. While the stainless steel frame front is consistent in black color, it’s the temples that grab your attention. Made of Hyperlite 90™, Columbia’s proprietary injection-molded propionate, this rubberized material is bi-injected and also very soft to the touch. The result is a lightweight alternative for long-wearing comfort.

Color is a major factor in the decision to buy a frame so making it center stage can boost your sales. Don’t overlook its power.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician and writer, lecturer, and consultant in the Virginia Beach, VA, area.


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