Ogi Eyewear relives an era with its relaunch of the Red Rose brand. Handmade in Japan, the Red Rose collection has a modern slant that honors the most cherished aspects of the original brand, including a minimalist, yet timeless, appearance.

The company’s designers take special care to create these frames. They are sketched, digitally mastered, and then models are cut with high-precision lasers.

There are currently 27 full-rimmed styles for women and men in the collection, although the target audience is primarily men aged 30 to 55. Red Rose frames feature 100% pure titanium that is infused with microns of precious metals in the coloring process. All have adjustable nosepads and temples and Red Rose’s signature screwless hinges.

The Red Rose brand offers a wide range of shapes and colors so there are plenty of choices to suit just about any buyer who desires something ultra light with a modern flair. Models like Arianna, Marco, Matteo, Salvator, and Valentino are indicative of the different features this brand has to offer.

Arianna provides a blast from the past while using modern materials. It features a handmade multi-polymer shield front that sports rolled titanium temples in a fun, feminine cat-eye shape.

Marco is a simple style in a classic rectangular shape with an angled bridge. Featuring ultra-thin titanium construction, this timeless frame is a “good to go” style for men.

Matteo is an ultra-thin lightweight frame that boasts rolled titanium material. This rectangular shape is flattering for any face, male or female.

Salvator takes the refined P3 shape and modifies it a bit at the temporal edge. It offers ultra-thin titanium with a keyhole bridge, split temples, and Red Rose’s signature screwless hinges. Lightweight and durable, Salvator is ideal for those looking for a more classic look.

Valentino features a handmade multi-polymer shield on the front paired with rolled titanium temples. It’s a modified rectangle shape designed for men looking for a simple lightweight design.

Ogi offers simple designs for its Red Rose point-of-purchase materials for ECPs to effectively merchandise the brand in stores. Handheld mirrors with the Red Rose name printed on the side, an acrylic frame stand, and window banners are sure to attract the eye of your patients.

Red Rose brings lightweight durability to eyewear using fun shapes and colors in minimalist designs that embody modern heritage. The frames’ quality and handmade construction offer added value.

Kendra Klapkehe is the Office Manager and frame specialist at St. Matthews Vision Center in Louisville, KY.

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