A heartwarming video follows the story of a little girl and a pair of Kids by Safilo frames.

Drawing international attention to the unique fitting needs of young children, Safilo, in conjunction with the
Modern Living with kathy ireland program, sponsored a a nationally televised consumer segment on its Kids by Safilo collection. The show aired on the E! network and Bloomberg International channel in early May and again in early June. It features Bruce Abramson, Safilo North America’s director of brand management for proprietary brands, Emerson Scott, a young patient, and optician Chris Cannella at Specs of Westport, CT.

Emerson was born prematurely and had a lazy eye, among other eyesight issues, and her nosebridge wasn’t fully developed. The glasses that she was originally prescribed in Boston didn’t fit well and couldn’t fully correct her vision. Her grandmother took her to see her own optician, Chris Cannella at Specs of Westport. After attempting to bend her current frames into the right position and trying on other brands, Cannella discovered that a pair of teal Kids by Safilo frames was a much better fit for Emerson and provided total vision correction.

Safilo USA PR Director Eden Wexler recounted a touching moment: “During the filming, Emerson started to cry when she was asked to take off her teal-colored Kids by Safilo glasses that she had been wearing for a couple months to try on a new pink pair she was being fit with that day. We didn’t expect that. It was both heart-wrenching and heartwarming to see how much this little girl loved and depended on her glasses to see. Her family told me that after some additional encouragement, she now proudly switches between her pink and teal pairs.”

Designed to cover a child’s full field of vision, the collection is made of bio-based materials that are washable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The frames have a lower nose bridge and straight temples with a horizontal bend to “hug” the child’s head without pressure. The video can be viewed at

Sharon Leonard, LDO, ABOC-AC, FCLSA, is a licensed optician and contact lens practitioner in the Syracuse, NY, area.

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