One of the most common questions businesses ask about their social media is, “Who should post for us?” I recommend that all social network logins be shared by three people. This may include a reception staffer, an administrator or office manager, and the business owner or another high-ranking individual. These three positions have varying views of activities, access to patients, and availability. This setup also protects the business from the potential of an upset employee posting on the company’s behalf without someone else having access and the ability to do damage control.

While all employees should feel like they can contribute, all ideas should be funneled through the three designated people to make sure your social media strategy remains on course. They should be made aware of the intent, tone, and responsibility of participating in the campaign and messaging.

Don’t Outsource 100% of Your Posts Many businesses look to outsource their social media, which is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can relieve a little pressure to keep your accounts populated with content. On the other, third parties don’t know your practice, your patients, or your employees like you do. So outside assistance must be viewed as supplemental to your own efforts.

Where to Post If you join a social network, you must be active on it. The most popular social network in optical is Facebook, but just having an account is not enough. Posting and responding has to be a priority for your organization or there will be zero return. You’re better off starting strong with only one or two networks.

When to Post A lot of research has been done to determine the best time to post. The optimal times for a business are at the start of the business day (8am), just before lunch (11:30am), and before the end of the business day (4pm). Additionally, the best day of the week to post for a business is Wednesday.

Henry Ford said it best when he stated, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Rally your team and inspire them to think creatively about the practice. Happy posting!


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