See the moment with VSP Optics’ sunsync photochromic lenses.

Your practice and patients now have more choices when it comes to photochromic lenses. VSP Optics Group introduced sunsync photochromic lenses in 2013 to give patients the ultimate in indoor and outdoor comfort. Specifically designed to complement the wide variety of advanced digital progressive and single vision lenses and coatings from UNITY, sunsync combines excellent performance and value to benefit a practice and its patients.

A perfect choice for any patient constantly on the go, sunsync is available in gray or brown. In sunlight, the lenses darken quickly to provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, and fade quickly back to clear when going indoors. In fact, they fade from dark to 70% clear within six minutes, and once indoors, they provide outstanding clarity with 88% light transmission.

Looking for another reason to try sunsync photochromic lenses? There’s no risk! With sunsync, VSP members receive an exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. VSP members who aren’t completely satisfied with the lenses will have the cost refunded by VSP and can have them replaced with clear prescription lenses, free of charge. Plus, practices can earn revenue through UNITY Savings which gives them up to $27 on every order of UNITY progressive lenses that includes a UNITY Performance Coating as well as sunsync.

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