vspace=Until now, it has been cost and space prohibitive for retailers to get the same quality anti-reflective (AR) treatment in-house that they get from large coating facilities. The new Coburn Technologies’ OAC-25 solves this issue by bringing vacuum deposition coating to lower-volume environments at an affordable price.

While the technology of surfacing and finishing equipment has evolved in larger retail operations, the one elusive piece of the puzzle has been AR treatment equipment. Until now, these machines have always been large and made for high-volume laboratories. Coburn’s OAC-25 joins its larger siblings—the OAC-50, OAC-75, and OAC-120—to produce premium AR treatments in small retail settings. Measuring a scant 2 ft. x 6.5 ft., the OAC-25 was designed especially for the low-volume segment. The coater retains many of the features of much larger units in one small and easy-to-use platform that fits nicely into almost any retail space.

The OAC-25 is an ion-assisted vacuum deposition AR treatment system. Ion assist is the key because it facilitates increased adhesion of the treatment that is crucial in eliminating peeling and flaking issues, and capable of producing super hydrophobic and oliophobic coatings that are easier for patients to maintain. Coburn also makes use of a Pfeiffer turbo pump for fast pump downtimes, which translates into more runs per day and a faster return on investment. In fact, the OAC-25 is capable of producing 30 to 40 pairs per eight-hour shift and will handle both uncut and edged lenses. You can even design individual AR layers and manipulate the final reflection color, including flash mirrors or the new “colorless” AR treatments.

Traditional AR machines have tended to be complex and needed precise measurement and control over consumables. Coburn claims to have changed that with what they suggest is the world’s first user-friendly AR treatment software and their “10 simple steps to perfect AR” system that enables anyone to produce perfect treatments with about two hours of training. The unit’s touch screen is highly intuitive for the beginner while more experienced AR operators will appreciate the easy access to the process controls and diagnostics.

The design of the unit’s dome makes it easy to load lenses and the smooth-as-silk lens rotation system ensures lenses remain stable throughout the coating process. Also gone is the need for precise measurements of the deposited materials because the OAC-25 only burns what it needs during each cycle and just needs a top-off of consumables to run again.

In partnership with OptoTech AR, Coburn provides extensive lab layout and design and ongoing support for the entire line of OAC models. This includes the initial on-site setup and two-week training period. There’s also a remote diagnostics feature so that 90% of all AR problems can be corrected remotely, keeping possible downtime to a minimum. The OAC-25 also has a one-year comprehensive warranty and support is included with the purchase.

If you’re one of those people who believes that good things come in small packages, the OAC-25 may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for in an AR treatment machine.

Robert Flippin is co-owner of Thorp & Flippin Optical in Lynchburg, VA.


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