Designing for the youngest patients’ developing olfactory organs is just one of ClearVision Optical Co.’s goals with eco-friendly Dilli Dalli.

Pediatric frames represent a strong subcategory of ClearVision Optical’s business. At the heart of this segment is Dilli Dalli, a collection expressly for the specific fitting needs of infants and toddlers from newborn to three years old. They are designed using 3D technology with built-up, flared nosepads to provide superior fit and comfort for very young children whose bridges are not yet fully developed. Dilli Dalli frames feature a multi-action flexible temple design that offers up and down action and acts like a spring hinge.

Being constructed from the proprietary IntelliFlex Soft Touch material—which is hypoallergenic, impact and crack resistant, and even recyclable—provides flexibility, strength and high performance that’s soft as a baby’s…well, you know! “The product is fun, durable, stylish, and the materials are unbelievably cute. We have great displays, stuffed animals, books, T-shirts, and a new video game is being released to consumers shortly,” said David Friedfeld, president and co-owner.

There are no hinges or sharp edges to pinch or scratch young faces and no metal or moving parts. The “V” groove design is 0.75mm in depth, which is deeper than typical pediatric frames. This greatly reduces the possibility of lenses popping out of the frames and allows a higher Rx to securely remain in the frame. The frames also come with an adjustable breakaway safety strap (in a choice of two sizes) to hold them in place.

New models for this month include the feminine Cutie Pie, which has a butterfly eye shape and will be four colors: black, raspberry, eggplant and sky blue. The unisex features a square eye shape that also comes in four colors: cobalt blue, navy, violet and watermelon. These new additions will bring the Dilli Dalli’s IntelliFlex Soft Touch collection to eight styles.

Michael Tanzi has been a licensed optician in Massachusetts for about 30 years and is the immediate past president of the Opticians Association of Massachusetts.

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